Friday, April 13, 2007

From Home...
We finally got internet connection at home. Yup! Well... the main reason we got the line was because... it's time to do our taxes, and we're using the e-filing :P *blek*

Hubby's not feeling well today, so he's resting at home and watching the tv. Occasionally downloading some anime... anything to keep him happy :)

Earlier this evening, a particular tv station kinda made me pissed. My sister and BIL were selected to participate in a game show (the suitcase one), and asked me to be one of their supporters. Unfortunately, that tv station and production company emailed my sister the details like TODAY and exepct her to find and bring 3 supporters to the shoot this weekend.

On top of that, contestants and supporters are supposed to stay in the station from morning till night. Like WTF! All these last minute details!!! $&@%$^@(&$)@ Really MCH I tell you! Even I'm 50-50 after hearing that I have to remain in the studio a whole fucking day. I can't even promise my sis I'll be able to find people to come!

Ah well... the photo below was taken some time in Dec 2006, but I was too preoccupied to post it up during the last few months. It's the ceiling of the ballroom in SDCC. Quite a view, eh?