Thursday, April 5, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

Hubby and I recently saw the award-winning documentary. And we both admit that it's a very inspiring show. Really wakes us up to what we humans are actually doing to Mother Earth. No doubt we've all heard of recycling and the effects of global warming, I bet none of us would've imagined that the devastation is really so serious.

I guess as human beings... We will only realise the seriousness of a situation when we actually see it with our own eyes.

The facts and figures presented in the documentary were not only facts, it was downright scary. To think our lovely planet was dying because of our doing. We can no longer replenish what we have taken as quickly as we can. CO2 levels are increasing year after year after year, causing the ozone to thicken and trapping heat. Catastrophic events are unfolding before our every eyes. Natural disasters are increasing by the dozens each year and getting stronger and stronger. The animal kingdom is suffering just as much as we are, losing their habitats and food supply.

And it's all because of US. We HUMANS are to blame. Each and every one of us are responsible for the death of our planet. Sceptics (maybe some politicians even) will say the earth can replenish it self naturally... but at the rate we're using all the resources, there's no way the planet can replenish itself fast enough.

Watch this documentary and open up your eyes. And hopefully it can trigger an emotion inside you to actually wake up and do something to save our planet. Start with yourself, and make a difference. We only have one Earth.