Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Monokuro Miniskirt + Tights Are Not Exercise Clothings
Oli's MSN message on April 9th, 2007 : "blimp in miniskirts+tights doing yoga! eewww!"

So yeah, while waiting for Sunday's yoga class at 3.15pm, this blimp (I'm borrowing the term from Michael Ooi) walked in wearing a Y-back tank top and one of those ahlian mini skirts with frills and stuff (you know Monokuro, the cute japanese black piggy character?). She paced around the lounge area for while before heading into the ladies, I presume to change into a set of clothings for yoga later.

And when she walked out, my jaw almost dropped. The blimp was still wearing the same attire, with an additional pair of black knee-length tights complete with a ribbon on each side.


Didn't she realise she looked like a complete idiot? I mean, a miniskirt with knee-lenth tights is really bad enough to make a fashion statement. Now she's gonna walk into yoga class wearing THAT?! This is yoga class, not the Mickey Mouse club. I kept quiet and just observed her.

So when the class started, as usual the yoga instructor will ask us to remove all watches and bangles (if any). I think the blimp's got a severe case of ear wax stuck in her ears cos she didn't hear the instructor's instruction and left all her bling-blings on. Which she was gently reminded again to remove them.

Now I have nothing against her, lest you guys start to think I'm being mean and bla. It's just that she should've had more brains than to come dressed like some clown to learn yoga. I mean come on... have some respect for the class and the instructor you know. So maybe that's the new trend on yoga clothing... well, maybe a trend for that blimp anyway.

Maybe next week, she'll come in a tube top and a Hello Kitty miniskirt to match XD