Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wild Hogs!
*spoilers ahead!

Oh yeah~ A group of really close friends, coming together for a ride of their lives. Oh yeah~ Just take that harley of yours, grab that leather jackets, pack your bags, and we're off for an adventure! Leave everything behind (for at least a week!), leave your cellphone, leave your so-called life... and just RIDE! *vroom-vroom*

This is one hilarious movie, seriously. Imagine 4 middle aged men, convincing each other that they really REALLY need this ride... well, actually, it's more like John Travolta's character needing company to get away from his down-the-hill life. If you're not clear about the movie, I'll give you a short synopsis lah.

4 friends decided to take off from their "regular lives", grab their Harleys and just ride out to the open highway, with no particular destination in mind. Along the way, they encountered mis-adventures like camping without a tent, a gay policeman *HAHAHAHAHA*, skinny-dipping in a nice waterfall (and having your jiao-jiao grabbed!) and messing with real bad-ass bikers.

They also discovered more about each other & their friendship. One is living in denial when his bikini-modelling wife leaves him and he loses his business (John Travolta). One is a dentist with a cholesterol problem and trying very hard to bond with his son (Tim Allen). One is trying to write a best seller and at the same time, having to deal with his wife calling the shots at home (Martin Lawrence). And one is a computer geek plus accident-prone klutz (William H.Macy) who seems to have a bit of a problem when it comes to meeting women.

It's a fun movie, good to watch with family or friends. It's warm, it's hilarious, it's just downright good. And yeah, teaches you not to mess with certain bikers the wrong way (or even the policeman!) *AHAHAHAHAHAHA* And don't miss the credits, there's some hilarious stuff there as well XP

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