Thursday, May 31, 2007

Freedom Only Exist If Some People Allow It To Exist
*wears double layer flamesuit*
It's very strange you know, how freedom exist in this country. The government claims everyone has freedom, but in actual fact, freedom only exist when it is given to you. Especially the in case of religious freedom.

I think it's very sad, when a person has no right to embrace his or her religion of choice. In some cases, should you decide to embrace another religion, all hell will break loose. The laws will be thrown at you. Fanatics will condemn you, possibly even kill you. All because you chose a path which many cannot accept.

I have always believed that religion is by choice, not by birth. Whether you're born into a buddhist family, a muslim family, a hindu family, a christian family... it doesn't matter. What matters is your heart. There's no point you stay in one religion when you don't even practise it. It's like the saying "You can keep my soul, but not my heart". Heck, you can be an atheist and still be a good human being. The choice should be yours to make.

Religion is an important aspect is most of our lives. It acts as a guide, on how we should live as human beings. Religion puts us in the right path, but it only works if you truly believe it in your heart. Otherwise, don't bother practising religion of any kind when your heart isn't even there, right?

It's even sadder when fanatics condemn you. They think you've done something really bad which cannot be forgiven. And some may even try to kill you, kinda like honour killing.

I've never believed that any religion ties you down to that one religion which you were born into. This rule was implemented by crazy fanatics, people that have extremely poor judgment and logic. The true facts & history of religion have been twisted time and again by these people to their benefit. Tsk~

*wears another double layer flamesuit*