Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!
Yes, yes! It's Mother's Day again. So what did YOU do or get for dearest mummy eh? As for me, we celebrated Mother's Day a day before the actual date, and we did it in my parents' place: STEAMBOAT dinner! Yum Yum!

We normally try to avoid going to restaurants doing such occasions, cos you know lar... every single establishment jumps into the bandwagon to make an extra buck (or two) and it's just so crowded lah! And when restaurants get crowded, chances are, the food quality isn't gonna be really good too! I did ask mummy dearest whether she wanted to go out makan or not, and she decided "Let's do steamboat lah. Everyone come home makan dinner oki?"

So my sister and I, together with our hubbies all went home makan. I bought a roast duck home too, bought it from the Chef Onn @ Uptown, DU. Some friends had told me the duck is quite good, so I thought "Heck, let's try it lah". In my opinion, the duck was quite ok-lah. Yes, there was a line of people waiting for their duck, but that was mostly because the guy chopping up the duck was superbly slow XD If you've been to Sunrise @ Seapark, you'll see how the 2 ladies chop the ducks up. Fu-yoh! Compared to this Chef Onn fella, he damn slow lah. Anyway, if I were to compare the roast duck, Sunrise still tops the list because it's got more flavour (think pungent & aromatic!). Chef Onn roast duck is passable lah. Boleh makan.

My parents had prepared some good stuff for the steamboat... everything homemade. They also bought some pork strips (yummy!) and vege. My dad made his signature fishball meat from his recent catch (he went on one of his fishing trips recently). My dad sibeh proud of his fishball meat one ok XD His fishball meat is jibess (he claims).

Besides the usual family members, my parents has also invited one of their badminton kaki friends for dinner. My guess is, he's probably a single guy with no plans for the weekend. Maybe my mum took in a godson which I didn't know about lah *wakakakaka*. Anyway, everyone had a very full dinner... BbbbUUuuRRrrrPPpppp~

After dinner, everyone was relaxing on the sofa while having some fruits/ice-cream for dessert. My sis had brought along her "Protege" DVD, so everyone watched the movie. Really good movie, starring Andy Lau and the hunky Daniel Wu. Go catch it if you can on DVD.

So that's how we celebrated Mother's Day this year. A simple family dinner with some quality family time :) Happy Mother's Day, mum! *muacks*