Friday, May 25, 2007

Malaysians A Gullible Lot? (Are we really?)

"Gullible. That is what Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has labelled Malaysians who continue to seek the services of those unqualified to carry out cosmetic surgery." via The Star Online
I can't help but agree with his statement. We are a gullible lot. Let's not just confine the findings to Malaysia alone, I'm pretty sure other countries also have their gullible lots as part of their statistics. How many times have you read news about botched cosmetics surgeries and health supplements that will cause your organs to fail?


So if we're constantly bombarded by such terrifying news... Why are we still flocking to get our boobs enlarged and stuffing our faces with all sorts of pills? The answer is pretty simple: We're humans. We're weak. We believe people too easily. We believe whatever the ads tell us. Hence, we're gullible. And wise evil people have conjured all sorts of ways to part our money and give it to them with relative ease, a lot of times at the risk of our own health & wealth.

We're sad...

Women believe that big boobs will mean more attraction from men. Men believe a longer larger penis will mean more women will flock to them. Pills that can make you lose several kilos in a few weeks. Face creams that can instantly brighten your face. Fat burning creams that promises to melt those stubborn fats. Hybrid fruits. So many misinformation in our society!

Are we humans bringing the end of the world even closer due our stupidity? We're killing ourselves by making ourselves gullible! Tsk~

Case #1: Guava-apple fruit from Cameron Highlands. Some unscrupulous businessman decided to start marketing this fruit by injecting colouring, giving it a red & green apple-like colour, and selling it to consumers. I was told the hybrid fruit had been selling in our local pasar malam for a month before the gimmick was exposed by the media recently. By then, so many consumers had already fallen prey.

Case #2: Boob job gone wrong in Johor. She wanted bigger boobs to please her husband. Her beautician recommended her a Taiwanese cosmetic surgeon. The surgery took place in a hotel (hotel?!? Good grief, she should've realised the blunder she was making!). After a month, she felt pain where the surgeon had injected her. She went for a checkup and was told to remove both breasts as they had cancerous lumps already. Her beautician denied having anything to do with the botched surgery. The alleged taiwanese doctor is nowhere to be found. Now this lady is stuck with lumps and will lose both her breasts.

Yes, humans are gullible...