Monday, May 7, 2007

Media and What They Really Report
One thing I don't like about print media... is that when some shit happens, they avoid printing the names of those involved.

Take the recent case of the travel agency which closed down and left so many people who were about to go on holiday in the lurch. One popular online news portal had not once reported the name of the travel agency, despite reporting the news for the past few days. So if you're one of those that only rely on this media for news coverage, chances are, you won't know the name of the said travel agency. Because they will never report the company name.

However, when the media highlighted this case last weekend, I managed to catch 8TV mandarin news and lo and behold, the company name was showed during prime time news and I found out which travel agency went kaput. However, for the next few days, the popular online news portal never once even printed out the name of the agency.

It's sad, isn't it? The poor consumers who got cheated are now left with nothing. Some had save 10years for their dream holiday, only to be left with nothing but bitter memories. And yet the media is still covering up the name of the agency.

I don't know how the media chooses which "names" to cover up or to expose... perhaps the media thought this sort of news, no need to tell the public every detail. But when there are drowning cases in condos, the media will boldly print the condo name without giving it a second thought. Maybe because printing such news will help increase readership... *shrugs*

So, since we all know that the media is "supposed" to report the true facts about everything, then where are the details?

By the way, at last check, the said travel agency's website is still active: Excellence Holiday Sdn Bhd