Thursday, May 17, 2007

Politicians Are So Memalufyingkan
I find it absofuckinglutely appaling how some of our politicians act in Dewan Rakyat. Some are so rude and foul-mouth, but they get away with it. No warning, no shelling from their bosses, zilch. And yet they get themselves elected and re-elected and walk their way in and out of Dewan Rakyat. And hell, they are so fucking proud to get away with crap!

These politicians feel so "brave" (read: dumb) and proud that they can say lewd and shrewd comments about other politicians, put people down and then turn around and say "I've been misquoted". Oh, don't we all feel "misquoted", Datuk!

Seriously, how did these people become our rakyat representative, when they can't carry the title with dignity and respect? Why are we, the rakyat, electing such lame characters? Some of these politicians feel the world is their oyster and that they can get away with murder. Hey, saya wakil rakyat tau...! Ape, tak boleh ka! You pun tiap-tiap bulan bocor!

It's embarrassing to have such rakyat representives in the Parliment. They have no dignity, no respect, no everything. Only a yapping mouth and plenty of denials. And what's worse, their own superiors don't give a fuck about them and just let them get away. And best of all, shift the finger back to the unsuspecting victim and say "some people just take things too seriously".

So, does that mean if someone were to say "Eh, datuk mia perut buncit jugak. Asyik makan-makan tak kerja, macam lembu"... the "Datuk shouldn't take things too seriously" because everything said in the Dewn Rakyat is "not meant to be taken seriously"?

Then what is the Dewan Rakyat for? A playground for our politicians? Tsk~