Thursday, May 24, 2007

Some Veterans Just Won't Quit
You know, I think there is some truth behind the saying "Veterans Just Won't Quit". Oh, don't get me wrong. I have an enormous respect for veterans in this country. After all, there wouldn't be a country without them in the first place. Most of them paved the way to our country's economy, and some continue to do so well into their golden years.

However, not all veterans do things which will benefit the country, let alone a community. Some are prone to cause problems after problems. Even if everything is smooth sailing, some folks will try to stir some shit up, and I really have no idea why. Could it be because they want attention? Could it because they feel they're in the "veterans" category, that the rest of the world will perceive them to be "old and out", hence the need to create problems/issues just to garner some attention?

I don't believe so. I believe such people create issues because they are doing things for themselves. Yes, this post is about Bucktooth and his cronies again XD Last weekend, there was a meeting between the condo RA, the Pre-MC (which Bucktooth set up and is acting like king) with the management in my condo. Several times the RA has tried to negotiate with the Pre-MC, to merge with the RA and work as one team with one voice, for the benefit of the community. But Pre-MC has time and again refuse to merge, and it's because Bucktooth is the Chairman of Pre-MC. Being the stubborn bore he is, he refused to merge with the RA and insist that the Pre-MC supersedes the RA at any given time.

The truth is... Bucktooth is afraid once they merge, he will have no place to stand cos the committee will tendang him out XD If you've been following some of my previous postings about Bucktooth, you'll understand why. He has many a times threatened, assaulted, harassed and insulted many people in the condo community. His hobby is yelling, shouting, and throwing threats around (oh my!). On top of his arrogance, he also has a few loyal dogs following him. He believes that since he bought one puny little unit here, he owns the entire project. And if you know him well enough, he'll probably hope to spread his "power" to the next condo! LOLOLOL!!!

Talk about arrogance, yea! Some old folks just won't quite~

Bucktooth's an irritant. Like the specs of dust in every home, you just have to get rid of them cos it's such a sight for sore eyes. I hope he takes a flying leap off the twin towers one day~ Wakakakakakaka!!!