Friday, May 11, 2007

Yoga and I
Ever since I took up yoga in August 2006, I've noticed quite a fair bit of improvement in terms of overall health on myself. I've become physically stronger. I don't feel tired so easily anymore. And I've built some muscles as well, hence got a slight gain in weight (which is good for me because I am underweight).

If you've known me from those bygone days, you'll remember Oli as some skinny looking person. Thin, petite, never seems to get fat despite stuffing her face with food, basically thin and unhealthy lah. Of course I did play some sports, but not on a very consistent level. Oli didn't have much of a stamina too, on top of that had some old injuries from her school days (lower back problem).

Since taking up yoga, I've felt much better about myself. I'm more confident, I feel good about myself. I look better too! At least not as skinny as I was 5 years ago, haha! Look chubbier/meatier, but I'm not fat.

Yoga has definitely helped me and my old injuries too. When I first started yoga, there were some yoga poses which I couldn't do due to my old injury. Over the months of practising, yoga has helped to strengthen my lower back muscles and hey! Now I can do yoga poses which I previously couldn't do! Plus some other poses too!

Yes, yoga has definitely been beneficial to me. And I enjoy every moment of it. Hubby's happy too, that I found an exercise which I enjoy. I've been attending yoga classes at Les Studio since January 2007 (since the previous instructor we engaged in the condo already stopped teaching), and have made it a point to go for 3 classes a week.

In fact, I've also planned to continue yoga as long as I can, since it's such a good and healthy form of exercise. And if possible, I'll continue to practise yoga during my pregnancy (will engage a pregnancy yoga instructor for this).