Monday, June 11, 2007

Can I Have Some Tissue?
I did a pretty embarrassing thingy during the weekend.

Hubby and I were walking in 1U, just window shopping and being lovey-dovey like any couple. Suddenly, hubby's nose began to tickle and that sent him into an uncontrollable fit of sneezes.

*Ah-chew! Ah-chew! AHHH-CCHHHEEWWWW!*

"Do you want some tissue, darling?"

"Yeah... ok..." *rubs nose*

So the darling wife stuck her hand into her sling bag and rummaged through the many things she normally carries. And she very quickly whipped up something in her hand.... which she thought was her tissue packet, but turned out to be *Laurier Slimguard!!!! O.O -_-" XD

"Oooopppssss!!!!" *stuffs back Laurier Slimguard into bag at lightning speed* *giggle giggle*

"Dear, I know your tissue is absorbent. But it's WAAAAYYY too absorbent for me liao!!!" *laff laff*

And I whipped it out proudly summore! Damn! Luckily no one saw me whip that thing out, otherwise people will be giving me this weird stare. Shy lah... :P

*Laurier Slimguard is a brand of sanitary napkin. I was given a free sample and it was in my bag the whole time. Wakakakakaka!!! Sorry hubby!