Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Doing A Green Bit
It's everywhere this month. World Environment Day. The mainstream media is blasting us with so many alternative methods on how we can care for the environment. There are interviews on individuals and families on their environmental friendly methods. Citizens can SMS in their views and their ways on contributing to preserve Mother Nature. One guy even cycles a 25km journey to work and back daily. Wow!

I think it's great that the media is highlighting all the environmental issues to the public, and even open up their sections for people who want to share their little ways of helping the environment. After all, if it wasn't for nature, we'll have nothing. So we should take good care of the environment as it provides with everything we currently have today, and for future generations to come.

I wonder how many of us can really cycle to work? Frankly, I wouldn't mind. Provided the roads are not so cluttered with cars, and that there are special lanes for bicycles. I wouldn't want to be roadkill you know!. Cycling a 25km journey is awesome, what a great workout. But try cycling on the LDP, Sprint Highway, NKVE.


We all know of many methods which each of us can do to contribute to saving Mother Nature. And many of those methods are child's play and doesn't even cost us much (or cost nothing at all). I believe that going green is an individual choice, and it has to come from the heart. I'm sure a lot of people would choose to cycle, but given how dangerous our roads are, we opt for cars. And many are choosing cars which offers good fuel efficiency (good for you!). And if you're recycling your trash, kudos to you too!

Every little bit of effort helps :) Let's hear from some of you, how you contribute to going green!