Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Follow-up
I've gotten a lot of replies in response to my recent 'Lorong Selamat Kopitiam Boycott' blog post in May 2007. Honestly, I have never expected such response XD Of course I also didn't expect my post to be copied and then forwarded via email (yes, my traffic did see a sudden spike in visitors. if you really want to know).

I first knew that my blog post was extracted and posted into our local Vios forum, as a friend of mine informed me about it. I didn't really think much of it. Then I started getting emails from people I never knew before, many from Penang actually, and they all commented on the same issue: Boycott Lrg Selamat Kopitiam!!!!

On top of that, one of my neighours told me that his sister in Penang had also received the forwarded email, and the whole of Intel Penang also received it, and possibly the whole of Penang also received it! O.O Gosh....!!! One neighbour's brother even received the email from a friend who is in Australia!

I seriously didn't realise that sooooo many Penangkias detest that same kopitiam. All of them share the same opinion. ALL OF THEM!!! You guys really hate that kopitiam more than I do! XD Some of you even shared with me other locations in Penang which also practices such unscrupulous methods, such as Penang Road and Jln MacAlister.

Gosh, I really wonder now if it's a common practise for kopitiams in Penang to practise such ruling :- charge non-ordering customers a certain sum. Because based on the emails I got from the good Penang folks, it seems such practise has bene going on for decades! How come the Penang municipal didn't step in to curb such nonsense? Or is it because no one has ever complained or brought the matter to light? Can some of you Penangkias share your thoughts? You can either leave a comment on my blog or email me :) My apologise if I didn't reply some of your comments in Haloscan as quickly as I can, I will try to reply ASAP yah.

And to all that emailed me & also dropped your comments in Haloscan during the past few weeks, and have visited by my blog after receiving the forwarded email, thank you all for reading my blog. It's great to hear the thoughts of different people, thank you for sharing! Oh yes, and thank you for also sharing with me some other locations for good Penang food! :D :D :D

*You may have also noticed I've moved my ad column a little higher. I think the advertiser pulled their ad out cos my ad placement for them was a little too low, ehehhehehehhehe!!! Never mind, I try again :P After all, I'm still testing the concept of blogvertising out.