Monday, June 4, 2007

Hawkers Increasing Prices (Outrageous!)
I think some hawkers have begun to increases the prices of drinks... AGAIN!

The kopitiam just opposite my office here in the vicinity of Damansara Utama is now charging an extra 10 cent for every drink! And the guy said they started the increase since June 1st, 2007.


This is totally outrageous and unacceptable! Each time raw materials go up, kopitiams will use it as an excuse to increase the beverage pricing. "Aiya, raw material go up lar. So mar charge more lor". Fucking cheap trick! Raw materials go up by kilos, but you're charging EACH DRINKING CUSTOMER!!! You're still making a clean profit! KNNCCB!!!

I think we as consumers have been patient for way too long. It's about time we as consumers voice out our dissatisfaction which such blood sucking kopitiams, and make them aware that they cannot just simply increase the prices of beverages just because "raw materials went up". Heck, sometimes there would be no announcements on raw materials pricing going up, yet these kopitiams increase their prices!!! Niamah, simply increase pricing and don't even display prices! Cari maut with Oli! You've messed with the wrong gal!!! RAWR!!!

By the way, I also do know that Milo powder and condensed milk prices are going up soon... However, I think the government may be intervening to prevent kopitiams from increasing their prices.

*Note: I just got buzz that my recent posting on the Lrg Selamat kopitiam is making its way via forwarded email in Penang Island. I didn't realise so many Penangkias also boycott that Lrg Selamat kopitiam. LOL. It's about time consumers stand up to such unscrupulous kopitiams.