Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My Friend Jane
I have a friend.
Her name is Jane.
Jane likes to eat.
Jane likes to try new things like food.
Jane also likes kawaii things like keychains that makes sounds when you drop them.
Jane is also very trusting.
One time, Jane fell for the guava-apple gimmick.
Jane bought 3 of those fruits, and consumed them all.
It was only after finishing the 3rd fruit did Jane realised she got conned.
Now Jane's brain cells are full of colouring *ahaks*

Jane complains she has a tummy.
Jane really wants a smaller, flatter abdomen.
Jane's personal solution is to eat less.
But Jane still feels her tummy is not getting any smaller.
So Jane asked us for some solution.
We advised her to do some exercise.
But Jane is lazy. The thought of exercise makes Jane feel sleepy.
We taught Jane to do lunges. We taught Jane to do crunches.
Jane only persevered for 2 weeks.
Jane has many excuses to not exercise.
We gave up on Jane :P

Jane is a good friend.
Jane is kind and caring.
Jane is also very accommodating.
Jane likes to laugh and be laughed at.
Jane is sometimes blur.
Jane also likes to stress herself out for the tiniest of reasons.
Jane is Jane.
I like Jane :)