Friday, June 22, 2007

Of Going Bald & Having To Be Labeled As Rebellious
It's really pathetic to hear from some parties labeling about a certain local female actress as a rebel, all because she chose to shave her head for a role in an upcoming movie.

So what if Sharifah Amani went bald? She looks quite good actually. And just because she's a young muslim girl, some of the ulamas are kicking up a huge fuss... because they think she's being a rebellious muslim girl and that other young muslim girls (and guys) will also shave their heads and create havoc and even cause religion to go down the drain crash boom bang.

What kind of mentality is that?!?

Harlo, shaving one's head doesn't mean anything lah. Amani was doing that for her movie role in Muallaf, which Yasmin Ahmad is directing. Just because Amani is somewhat young and modern, how does it even affect the religion? You religious guys are seriously twisting everything until it's getting uglier by the minute. Must you make everything so ugly and troublesome? Shouldn't you be concentrating on other more crucial stuff, like adapting to the modern world? For once, can you guys NOT relate anything to religion? Everything also point to religion only. Sibeh sien~

I take my hat of to her, for having the guts to shave her head. How many woman can shave their shiny locks, right?