Thursday, June 14, 2007

Raoul Sombong Me...
Last night, my friends and I were in 1U to catch a movie at 8.50pm. Seeing that we had some time to kill before the movie, one of my girlfriend said she wanted to go hunt for a nice looking tie, as a farewell gift to a friend of hers. She had quite a big budget for the tie, so we thought perhaps we could try one of the ridiculously expensive brands on High Street.

We went into Armani first, but they didn't carry ties. Then we went into Polo, but their ties were a little on the "ah pek" side, plus the price was above my friend's budget. So I suggested she try Raoul cos they had loads of ties on display.

We walked into Raoul and saw the array of ties they had. Quite nice design and colours I must say. So there we checking out the ties, and one of the salesman even brought a white shirt to help us find matching ties. We finally agreed on a simple yes sophisticated looking green tie.

While we were at the cashier counter, I saw some cuff lings on display just behind the counter. Some of the cuff ling designs were quite fancy, but they didn't have a price tag on them. So I politely asked the salesgirl about the price.

"Oh, those are limited editions. They are very expensive. The cheaper ones are in front there" *points to the front of the shop*


Macipet, I asked for the price. I didn't ask if they were expensive or not X( Even if they were expensive, surely there's a figure to it. It's bad enough such boutiques are forcing customers to pay ridiculous amounts of money just to carry their name, we also have to deal with such snooty behaviour from their sales people. Just because I don't look like some rich tai-tai doesn't mean I can't fucking afford your lousy cuff lings. For all you know, I may have a Platinum card sitting snuggly in my purse (which, coincidently, I was offered one yesterday... but I turned it down).

My friends and I may not be dressed in branded goods from head to toe, but we're certainly not paupers either. We're smart consumers, and we don't fall for branded labels just to fit into the upmarket crowd. At least I don't.

The sales girl told me the price later. The "limited edition" cuff lings were between RM 200 to RM 400++. Pffftttt... sorry, but I ain't interested in your cuff lings or any other product you have anymore. If I'm gonna pay that amount just to wear your name, I might as well be wearing mine.