Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sugar & Olive Oil To The Rescue!
I have discovered an effective and cheap way to get smooth hands... Sugar + Olive Oil!

No joke. I remember reading this remedy in some book before. This method is apparently an aged old method used by women from centuries ago, back when there were no such products like Nivea and Johnson & Johnson. So, it was pretty obvious to use any ingredient you could get your hands on back then, and experiment it out. And wa-lah! And the best thing about this is, IT'S CHEAP AND EFFECTIVE! You could see the results immediately!!! *squeals in delight*

It's a Saturday, and I was in the kitchen preparing some ingredients for dinner tonight. After cleaning up, I picked up the newspaper to read the news etc. And I looked at my fingers and gasp! Skin was peeling off in bits. In fact, since this morning (after cleaning the house) my palms were looking like it was shedding its skin. You know how it is on certain days, your skin feels dry and bits of dry skin is just peeling away or dropping off, leaving the palm texture feeling really rough. And it happens each time after I wash my palms... :( Urgh~

Then I suddenly remembered this remedy, and thought... "Hey, let's give it a shot!". So I went into the kitchen, grabbed my jar of sugar and bottle of olive oil. I scooped a teaspoon onto my left palm and poured some olive oil onto the sugar. I gently massaged my palms together, giving every inch of my hands a good scrub. I massaged for about 2 minutes, and rinsed. And I could feel the difference immediately!

My palms & hands were a lot smooth, and the dead skins were all lifted off!!! I didn't see anymore dry skin on my palms!!! :D

Try it, and tell me what you think. You can also use this remedy on your legs and while you're in the shower. This is definitely a natural way of scrubbing dead skin of fthe body surface. Just remember to adjust the amount of olive oil. Too little and the sugar may feel quite harsh on your skin. I googled up some facts and found that some people even use it on their face as a facial scrub. If you're planning to use it on your face, don't use too much sugar and don't scrub too hard yar.

Happy weekend!