Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Transformers! More Than Meets The Eye!
If you're between the ages of mid 20s to 30s, you definitely would know what Transformers is. It's finally in the big screens! Transformers the movie is probably one of the most anticipated movie in this decade! If you were growing up in the 80s, you most definitely grew up watching Tranformers and a whole bunch of other really great cartoons, like Thundercats. If you don't go slap yourself silly and take a flying leap! Wakakakaka! Oh, have you heard? Warner Bros is planning to bring Thundercats to the big screens in the future!

What's great about the upcoming movie is a few things. For one, the original voice behind Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen, will be reprising his role in the movie. Remember Optimus Prime's voice? He's got this cool, calm and wise voice. Also, the sound effects when the robots change their shape! Remember that particular robotic tone, huh huh huh?!? Watch the original Transformers theme, maybe it'll ring a bell ;)

I heard the movie tickets for Transformers is selling like hot cakes. In case you didn't know, Tranformers will be in our cinemas from 28th June 2007 onwards. Tickets are already up for grabs since Monday I think. Hubby and I already booked our tickets with a group of friends, and we're catching it next Wednesday, 4th July (Wednesdays are cheaper mar). So what are you waiting? Go grab your tickets fast!!!