Friday, June 29, 2007

War On Crime
I was reading Davin Arul's article in The Star yesterday, and yes, I too agree with his sentiments. That we have fight crime with war. We cannot afford to be "kind" the such criminals that are out to destroy lives of people who they do not have an ounce of respect for.

"The moment a criminal stops seeing his victim as a human being with a family and a future, that's when he too has made a choice that effectively removes him from being a part of society."

How very true!!! Well said!!! We hang drug traffickers and murderers. Perhaps it's time we consider executing rapists too! Let's not forget those Mat Rempits that have been endangering the lives of motorists!

"We execute drug traffickers. We execute murderers sometimes. We even execute armed robbers.

Time to extend the death penalty to those who destroy lives in other ways, too. Yes, they will receive the due process – and they should know what's waiting for them at the end of that process."

Rapists especially are the worse scums on this earth. They think just because they have a dick, they can shove it anywhere and relieve themselves. Some even go to the extent of killing their victims, and move on to the next. Scumbags! They shouldn't be in prison! They should be executed! Chop of the dicks and feed it to the wild dogs! If they showed no mercy to their victims, why must the law have any mercy on them, right?!?

I totally agree with every word Davin Arul wrote. Seriously, if the government wants to come down hard on offenders, do it all the way. When a person commits a serious crime, it's very obvious the criminal no longer has any human sense and has to be destroyed before he causes more damage to society. Drug traffickers, murderers, rapists... these are all serious crimes which destroys human lives. And serious crimes must stop, NOW!