Sunday, June 24, 2007

Women & Weight
Splashed across the mainpage of The Star this morning, an article on young women and weight. It's a growing problem alright, there's no denying it. Many young women are victims to "weight problems", or at least that's what they think they have.

"I'm too fat!"
"I have to lose more weight!"

"I can't possibly eat that! I'll get fat!"

"My friends say I'm fat, so I must be fat!"

"I have to be thin! Otherwise boys won't want to date me!"

The list is endless. Many young women still have this idea that being stick-thin is really what they should be. Or at least that is how society has given them the impression to be. I think it's very sad, very very sad indeed. Many of these young women are actually fine young women. Intellectual, popular, perhaps some are even active and do well in school/college/university. But things are always less than perfect for them... all because they've been fed with the ideology that to be with the "in-crowd", you have to be skinny. Even if it means starving yourself silly or throwing up all the food you just ate.

Ok, so some of you might ask "What would Oli know about weight? You've been thin all your life!" That's true, I have been thin all my life. And many would say I'm lucky to be thin and able to eat anything I want without thinking twice about gaining any weight. But behind this so-called "luckiness", thin people like myself also have our own sets of problems you know. Many of you just failed to see it from our perspective. Society has narrowed the view of being thin to be the best thing in the world... which may not be the case every time.

I've always been underweight and thin throughout my school days. People would assume I have no problems and that I'm so lucky to eat anything and not gain weight. But did you know I was also weak? Yes, when you're thin, you tend to be weak a well. Walking up a flight of stairs could make me wheeze. A short jog on the treadmill could break my legs. I fell sick a lot last time. And did you know how hard it was to find clothes?!?!?!!!!! When you're thin, it doesn't mean you can fit into clothes that easily!!!! There would be so much of excess cloth hanging around! It's like you've draped in a HUGE tablecloth!

If you want to look good and healthy, exercise can help you achieve that. Being thin and weak is not only so unfashionable, it's downright STUPID. You are given a healthy body, take care of it. Because if you don't maintain the body, the body will eventually break down and lead to lotsa problems. if your friends tell you you're too fat, dump them. Cos real friends will never taunt you. If the guy thinks you're too fat, dump him. Cos real love goes beyond your weight.

Being overweight is not healthy also lah, cos it will make you susceptible to a host of illness as well. So if you're overweight, do something to control it. If you plan to diet, do it the right way. Exercise and eat right. Don't practise all the wrong methods to lose weight, get it right the first time. Love your body. Love yourself.