Thursday, July 5, 2007

80's Mania
Two words to descrive Transformers the movie: ABSOFARKINGLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!

The last few years have seen movie directors bringing back the glorious days of 80's series and cartoons. And with all the advance technology, movie directors and producers are able to bring it up several notches to captivate the audience, and at the same time, bringing back good memories :D

I'm pretty sure movie makers won't stop here. The sequel to Transformers has already been confirmed for 2009, possibly even a trilogy. Thundercats has also been confirmed to hit the big screens in 2010. Knight Rider is said to be out in 2008. I won't be suprise if other 80's series were to hit the bg screens in the future! Shows like Airwolf, The A-Team...!

What other hit series/cartoons would you like to see up in the big screens?