Monday, July 9, 2007

The First Dish Entrance
If you've attended chinese wedding dinners, you'll realise that before the first dish is serve, there would be some music playing in the background. It's a very typical chinese wedding dinner thingy. The first dish has to be "ada gaya macam".

Usually, the first dish is the 'Hot & Cold Combination'. The emceee of the events, or sometimes even the captain of the restaurant, will make a quick announcement that the event is about the begin. Then, all the lights will be dimmed. After which, a song will start playing and you'll see some fancy lights (or even some mini fireworks display) flickering about. The waiters and waitresses will be carrying the huge white UFO looking plate around, walking in formation, then walk back to the stage and form a line. Then they would all bow to the main bridal table and start to serve the dish.

Some of the more "popular" first dish songs which I've heard over and over again during wedding dinners are:

1) Final Countdown
2) Matsuri by Kitaro
3) There's one more but I don't know the name... Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-taaaa~~~ Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-taaaa~~~ (reminds me of something out of Miami Vice or something)

Seriously, who invented this? Who started this method of serving the first dish during a wedding? WHO?!? And why can't they pick better music?!? ROTFLMAO!!! Shoot the guy that started this trend! Fucking shoot him (or her)!

There's nothing wrong with the choice of music... Ok, I lied. There's something VERY wrong with the choice of music. It's been used countless times over, it's fucking boring. I mean, pick something more refreshing wei. Something more up-to-date maybe? And why must the waiters & waitresses parade the food? If you got GT queens to parade, then I can understand lar. But... but... it's not the GT queens~~~ And what about the flickering lights and fireworks? Can update a bit ah? Just serve the food~!

I think the chinese restaurants should really update their style of presentation a bit lor. It's already the 21st century, so perhaps they should like... update their style or create something new. It's really corny when hubby & I see such presentation, we can't help but laugh sometimes. It's just so... so... funny!