Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Friday Study
Date of Occurrence: 20th July 2007

Scene 1:
You're giving the intern some explanation on the next job. The phone rings, a client is asking for you. You greet the client politely and inquired how you can help. Client asked if they can come over to the office for a discussion. You inquire what time would they be coming by. Client replies "Actually, we're on the way over oredi."... -_-" Might as well just turn up on the front door, ring the doorbell and say "Hiya! We're here for a meeting, can ah?"

Scene 2:
You're having a discussion with the client on the project. Client is very hyper and easily excited. Starts to talk really loud, so loud, the entire office can hear every word uttered by the client. Client starts to teach YOU how to build a website -_-".

Scene 3:
Client starts to jab nonstop on how she envisions the website to be. Client brings out several write-ups of content for the website and starts to give suggestions. Clients starts to say the committee is super slow in getting things done, and that the proposed design the committee approved was rubbish and unacceptable (drafts were approved much early and the project is already midway into production). Clients says the project is to be done HER way now. Along the way, client tells you she's dying from cancer. Client also talks to her colleague... "When I'm dead, you remember my words!" You chant in your mind "I will not let this spoil my Friday... I will not let this spoil my Friday... I will not let this spoil my Friday..."

Scene 4:
Client bids farewell and walks out the door. You heave a heavy sigh, relief the discussion is now all over. Your boss comes out from his meeting and asked if everything is alright. Another boss asked you the same question, fearing you might have gotten a bad lashing from the client. Everyone wanted to know what happened. You tell everyone to chill, it's nothing serious, just a hyper and expressive client :P Colleague asked you to decide this week's lunch menu. Gah! You could only think of salmon sashimi to soothe your traumatised nerves.

Scene 5:
Lunch was satisfying. Your colleagues suggested getting dessert. You pass and say you want to check out La Senza because they have a sale (which they called ahead a few days ago to inform you). Your girl colleagues join you. The girls and you go ga-ga over all the lovely things on sale ^_^ You return to office, and some of your colleague show the fuzzy flip flops to your boss. Your boss actually finds it cute and funky and may get a pair for himself (?!?).