Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fuzzy Flip-Flops

My new fuzzy flip flops from La Senza, my favourite brand of lingerie *giggles*. La Senza is having their sale now, for a whole month too! They called me up on Thursday afternoon to inform me of the sale which was starting on Friday, July 20th, so Friday, my colleagues had lunch in 1U and some of us girls popped over to La Senza to looksie-looksie :P

These flip flops are so so comfy! And they were going at 50% off!!! How to resist wei!!! There's pink, green, blue and white. But they're selling fast, let's hope they have stock for the month long sale, kekekekekeke!!! Other lingerie like bras, panties and selected teddies are also going on sale, so quick quick! Go to La Senza!!!