Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Green Bag

This is our green shopping bag. We bring it along each time we do our grocery shopping in Giant. Before that, like most consumers, we had relied on plastic bags to carry our groceries. A few months back, Giant started selling these canvas shopping bags and I suggested to hubby to get a couple of them.

The bags came in 2 sizes and 2 colours, both of which cost the same price, RM 2.50. So of course get the bigger one lar, can fit more items mar. Hubby said we'll get 2 first, because we didn't really know how strong the bag was and there wasn't anyone in Giant that could really tell us the quality of those bags. (Note: A check last week saw the price of the bag at RM 1.99, on offer I think)

So we got ourselves 2 green shopping bags and kept it in the car so that we can remember to bring it down each time we go grocery shopping. Trust me, during the first few times, we kept forgetting to bring the bags down XD. But after a while, we got the hang of it, and it's a really cool bag to use. Not only do we reduce the usage of plastic bags, these green shopping bags are really really strong! You can really put a lot of items in them. Very useful indeed :)

The idea of eliminating plastic bags is commendable, but to be realistic, we still require plastic bags to store our rubbish and household trash. I don't intend to completely eliminate the usage of plastic bags in my household because I still need plastic bags. It's not like I can set up a compost area to dispose all the trash. Plus if I could eliminate at least half of the normal usage, I think we're doing a good job already. A lot of big corporations like Tesco, Carrefour and Jusco area already using biodegradable plastic bags, which is a lot safer for the environment.

I can put all my groceries into one big bag, instead of having to carry multiple bags. Imagine having 5-6 plastic bags to carry, aiyoyo!