Thursday, July 12, 2007

iPhone: A Cheaper Model?
We've all heard about the iPhone. It's probably one of the coolest gadgets to grace our sordid lives in this century XD It's sleek, metalic look (not the mention some worthy features) is almost to die for (note that I said "almost" hehe).

Despite it's limited memory size, about 500,000 iPhones were sold withn the first 2 days of launch recently in the US. People have been queueing up (read: camping) outside the stores for days just to be in line to be one of the first to grab hold of the iPhone. Crazy, right? Since the announcement of the iPhone, the tech world has been sent into a frenzy. What's not to like, right? Many did voice their grouses over the lack of some features such as 3G, but even that didn't stop iPhone sales from soaring. Many of the iPhones sold during the official launch are being sold in eBay for as much as USD1,000. How typical...!

Analysts are also predicting a possibly cheaper iPhone. How true is that, we really don't know. I guess we'll just have to wait for Steve Jobs to make an official announcement on that in the months to come. On top of that, hackers have been trying to hack into the iPhone and get them to work with other SIMs (the current iPhones are "packaged" with AT&T only). Yes, HACKERS are trying to HACK the iPhone!!! LOL!!!

Speaking of hackers, last night hubby and I caught Die Hard 4.0 with some friends. Seriously, movie makers make it look so easy to penetrate US security~ Like everybody wants to hack into the US government (actually, it's more like their own US citizens like to hack into government data). Oh, and if you've watched any Mac ads in, you'll recognise the Mac guy in the movie too! Yes, the Mac guy is one of the leading characters in Die hard 4.0. His name is Justin Long and he's a hacker in the movie XD And no, I didn't see any Mac in the movie, kekekekeke!!!