Friday, July 27, 2007

Mother of All Jackass!
You know what's worse than a dirty toilet? The answer is a toilet that's been dirtied by "someone".

Today, "someone" walked in to see one of us over some issues. While waiting, this "someone" made himself at home and walked into the washroom behind. After "someone" came out from the loo, the person "someone" came to see came down and they both went into the meeting room lah.

So I got up and went to the back to take a leak. OMFG... that bugger actually pee-ed without lifting the seat! What's worse, there were pee marks all over the toilet seat! $#!%#^$(!&$^*!$*@&%$ MA CHOW HAI!!!! Dunno how to aim wan ah!!! This is not your fucking office where you can pee as you like!!!

I had to clean the toilet up just because "someone" couldn't aim his dick right. Mother fucker! Obviously doesn't know a thing about cleanliness nor hygiene. Hope your dick gets fungus growth all over and drop off, you jackass!