Friday, July 6, 2007

Of Being Mellow
During lunch the other day, my colleagues and I were having a casual conversation about how sometimes we get seriously pissed about certain things, and how sometimes we just don't give a damn about others. On that same day, I actually had TWO issues, and they both happened before lunch. I had managed to settle them both pretty well. In fact, I was quite calm about. Ok, maybe the 1st issue wasn't so calm, I did rant a bit to some people because the donkey involved didn't check things thoroughly before deciding on the next course of action. But eventually, the matter was resolved, hehe. Had the issues happened say, 5 years before... I would've probably exploded and screamed.

Which got me to think...

1) Yoga - I think taking up yoga has been the best thing ever. I've managed to calm myself down when the ride gets bumpy. Although maybe not 100% all the time, but I can proudly say if I encounter some problems now, I can take a step back, breathe, and think rationally before reacting. Not that I didn't think before, just that I think more now lah.

2) Age - Yes, I am getting older. Heck, everyone gets older lah. No one gets young, we all have to face age. Sooner or later we will all grow old, it's something that's only natural to happen. I'm not afraid of getting old (unlike some people, ahem~). In fact, I think growing old is a blessing in disguise. A person can grow old gracefully (which I hope to), it's just up to the person to really work on it. And you know what they say... when you grow older, sometimes you just don't give a flying fuck about certain things anymore.

The 2nd issue happened in a public forum. He was reacting to my Lrg Selamat kopitiam blog post. This person had been voicing his opinions pretty strongly and been getting on a lot of other participating member's nerves, especially when he started being rude. He started calling me "stupid" and even dragging my parents into the picture. 5year ago, I would've hentam that fella kau-kau with my canggihfied vulgarity liao. This time I chose not to. Instead, seeing how pissed he was getting, I actually laughed at his replies and his bad temper. My reply to him was cool, calm and collective, to the extent I even rubbed more salt on him, just to prove to him... Heck, I don't give a flying fuck about you. You're the one getting angry and want to increase your blood pressure, so I'll just leave you to it :)

The fella has since been banned from the forum. Ahaks! Loser~

So... yea... I am getting mellow~ Well, if I can settle the issue well and without losing my cool, things will be better kan? If you had known me 5years before and compare the Oli today, you will see the difference, hehe.