Monday, July 23, 2007

Of Relationships and Religion
*Note: If you're gonna be sensitive about this, I suggest you stop reading and close your browser. Cos I'm gonna taruh a certain religion here. If you get pissed after reading this, it's not my problem you got angry cos I already warned you.

I came across this line recently: "...a lot of young Christian singles were not married or had married non-Christian partners..." The writer was lamenting how many of her Christians friends have chosen to seek their soul mates from outside of the church or of different faith, and so have banded together with some friends from church to set up a network for Christian singles... yada yada...

Ok, I have no problems with Christianity. Heck, I have no problems with what-so-ever religion you or anyone practises, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shitoism, Machoism, Whateverism. After all, we're free to practise any religion we choose to follow, right? Except if you're a Muslim, then you're in a whole different ball game lah. I'll hit out on any religion, even my own, should some followers cross my line. And believe me, over the years, many have crossed the line and gotten fucked (not literally) by me. As for the blog I read, the first thing that came to my mind was "What's wrong with dating someone who's not the same religion as you?"

Tell me what's wrong here. Why are you people letting religion confine yourself? Who's to say you can only find love in a specific holy place? What's wrong with dating someone who's a different religion from you? Love has never narrowed its options, so why are you? Is dating a non-Christian such a heinous crime? Why must you people make it sound as though it's a sin to date someone outside your religion? Are non-Christians not good enough for you? Why the inferiority? Did Christianity only give their followers one option: and that is to date and marry people of the same faith?! What's the deal like? Either you date/marry a Christian or go to hell ka?

I think it's kinda pathetic to hear (let alone read) such things. That there are people who would typically isolate one from another over the issues of different faith. That you have to confine yourself and push away others. That you actually segregate one from another with such a define line. This is the 21st century. Being human is much more than having the same faith you know. We should see beyond colour and faith. If a Christian finds true love in another person of a different faith or vice versa, it should be celebrated because it goes to show that no matter how different the people involved may be, love holds no barriers and brings everyone and everything closer. Obviously there are some have failed to see the brighter side of things and chose to find faults. Pffffttttt~

Life is already twisted in so many ways. Why must you add to the twist and complicate things? Haih~

Oh, just so you know, we're already living in hell. Here, right here, the very ground you're standing on. This is heaven, and this is also hell. Why do I say so? Because when everything in your life is beautiful and smooth, it's heaven on Earth. When things turn ugly and everything in your life starts to crumble, then this is hell. Welcome to the world, people.