Friday, July 13, 2007

Pizza Hut... NOT!
I just had one of the worse lunches EVER!

It's Friday, and one of my colleagues suggested going to Pizza hut, 1U for lunch. So we drove there and sat our butts down, scrutinized the entire menu and placed our order. Since the whole troop was seated in different spots due to the crowd, our small group of 4 ordered one of the 'Anniversay Set Meal', which consist of 1 regular pizza, 2 pastas (1 regular & 1 large), a pitcher of Pepsi, 4 soups and 4 cheese sticks.

Eewy Snow Prince Spagetti - Photo courtesy of

1st, they got our order wrong and served us a plate of 'Snow Prince Spagetti' (some carbonara thingy) and garlic bread. We didn't realise it was the wrong order (we were really hungry) and we just ate it without giving it much thought. We only realised it was the wrong order when the waitress served another plate of carbonara and cheese sticks! We were like... "Errr, if this is our order, then what did we just ate?" So we figured, ok, let it be since we already finished the initial plate of spagetti.

What followed was a meal not even fit for ordinary laymen. The so-called 'carbonara' pasta was all lumpy and eeewww. It was as though they had cooked the entire pot of pasta, poured some canned cream sauce over it and sprinkled the pasta with overnight bacon bits and green peas. WTF! Who puts green peas in carbonara?!? The 2nd plate of carbonara wasn't great either. We think the chicken bits were also overnight chicken bits >.<

Tasteless Prawn Olio - Photo courtesy of

The prawn olio pasta was no biggy either. First they served us the regular prawn olio, when we ordered the large. So of course we asked them to change it, kan? Salty and virtually tasteless. Some of us had to add "flavour" by pouring tabasco sauce into the pasta. Even the pizza was just lotsa dough, bits of mozzarella there and there, and some chicken and pineapple here and there. Everything was just extra oily too. Oil very cheap these days izzit?

And let's not forget the mushroom soup! OMG, the soup was tasteless. Despite sprinkling so much of pepper into my soup, I still couldn't get any flavour out of it. That's it lah, after about 3 spoons of soup, I couldn't subject my precious stomach to the soup and pushed it aside. The only thing Pizza Hut got right was the Pepsi. Heck, if you can get the Pepsi wrong, you're so fucking screwed as an establishment!!!

After that "meal", I could only think of one thing to comfort my traumatised lunch experience: Salmon Sashimi. Slurp~~~