Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Random Conversation

AX says: apa lan
AX says: semua lan
AX says: fuck semua
AX says: pukimakcibai MM
TN says: fuck you too
AX says: yeah...fuck all
MM says: fuck u
TN says: fuck you AX
MM says: fuck u AX
MM says: fuck u TN
MM says: TN is a fucker
AX says: TN is a fucker
AX says: MM is a fuckass
MM says: AX gets fucked by TN
TN says: AX get fucked by botak
MM says: botak sucks AX's cock
AX says: botak screw MM asshole
MM says: and lick TN's asshole
TN says: AX sucks botak's nipple
AX says: and tongue kissing TN
TN says: and lick his botak head
MM says: AX like to lick botak head
MM says: tiu
AX says: TN likes to lick botak's ball
TN says: AX sohai

That... is a mere example of what you can get from talking to 3 grown men, possibly with limited vocabulary *wakakakakakaka*. I just wanted to know if they wanted to have dinner or go yumcha at night -_-"