Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rubbish Bin Oli~
I hang out with a few neighbours of mine, close girlfriends you can put it that way. They're all nice girls, and each of us have our own individual traits and such. We also have our own distinctive eating characters, and sometimes I can't help but feel I'm like a trash can next to them XD

You see, I eat just about anything. Ermm, maybe not everything, but compared to my girlfriends, I think I eat more stuff lor XP. I take animal spare parts like liver and intestines. I take raw food like salmon and tuna (yummy~). I take pork, char siew, siew yuk, you name it. I take beef and lamb as well, how can anyone resist them lar...

As for my girlfriends, they have their own list of thing they don't eat. Most don't eat animal spare parts. Some can't stomach raw food like salmon. Some don't take meat like pork, beef and lamb if the smell is too strong (in cantonese, the word is 'sou'). One totally cannot eat anything with 4-legs (strange but true).

Standing next to my girlfriends, how can I not feel like a rubbish bin? XD