Sunday, July 29, 2007

Staff Nurse
Only one person in this world calls me that, Dr.T. Several years back, my mum had undergone a surgery (fistula). Dr.T was the surgeon my mum had consulted prior to the surgery. Since that major surgery, my family had become close friends with Dr.T. My mum has also gone 2 other minor surgeries under the expertise of Dr.T.

Why does Dr.T calls me 'Staff Nurse'? Well, the story goes like this. In 1998, during my final semester, my mum had gone to Dr.T (a recommendation from a family friend) for consultation. After a series of checkups, my mum was advised to opt for surgery as her fistula was getting worse and if she delayed even further, the condition will deteriorate and may even lead to other complications. Fistula is not something you get overnight. It's a buildup of several years, which my mum never really took notice of (or maybe just denied she had a problem).

Because of the delicate area, the wound was left open. No stitches, zilch. You can't possibly sew that area up cos you have to pass motion. So the wound was left open for it to heal by itself. And because it's an open wound, dressing has to be done several times a day. My mum couldn't possibly do her own dressing right?

My mum could've always gone back to the hospital to get her dressing done, but the cost would be too painful. Plus that would also mean my mum had to move around a lot more than she should. So the most practical idea was for someone to be home with her 24/7 to clean the wound. That's where I came into the picture. I took a whole month off from college to be my mum's personal nurse. I learn how to clean the wound and do the dressing from another family friend, who used to be an OR nurse. And when Dr.T found out I was attending to my mum's wound, he nicknamed me 'Staff Nurse' :)

Dr.T also gave my sister a nickname... 'Char Siew Pau' :P That's how he remembers us, hehehehehehe! He's one doctor that doesn't call me by name. To him, I'm just 'Staff Nurse' LOL.

I met up with Dr.T again recently, to do a blood and urine test, as well as a series of checkup. When hubby and I reached his clinic, he looked at me and grinned "Staff Nurse or Char Siew Pau! Am I right?!". I laughed and replied "You are always right!" He smiled cheekily.