Friday, July 13, 2007

Yoga-ing Along~
I've been practising yoga for close to 10months now. And the experience has been rewarding. I can feel I'm physically & mentally stronger now. I've built some muscles on my arms and legs (not the the extent of bulky lah! Lean muscles!). I feel better about myself. I look better too. My lower back pain is a lot better as well. And to a certain extent, my body is more flexible than it was before I picked up yoga.

Yoga has been beneficial, very beneficial :) I enjoy every moment of it. I can't do all the poses just yet, I'm still learning mar. Some poses and stretches are very challenging and I try my best to perfect it. I listen to my body of course. After all, yoga is about listening to your body. You shouldn't force yourself to do a pose. Sometimes our body has its limits, and if you force yourself, you'll only end up hurting your body.

Yoga is also not about competition. You shouldn't compare yourself with other yoga students. Concentrate on your pose and movement. Some people are more flexible than others. I have to admit, I do envy some people that can do some of the really challenging poses like the backbend/wheel pose. FYI, this pose is rated 8/10. Quite a tough one. Some of the people make it look so easy. I have tried to do this pose several times, but I'm still not able to lift myself completely *paiseh paiseh*. Then again, I also tell myself not to push too much, and that with more practise and guidance, I will be able to eventually do this pose perfectly.

There are times I really wonder though... How come some of the girls in the studio I go to... Can do poses like the backbend/wheel, but can't seem to do the other more simple yoga poses. Weird right? Some of them can just lift to the backbend/wheel, but ask them to do something like downward dog or plank pose and they're panting within a few seconds. Hehehehe...! I wonder why... *ponders*

There are times I also suprise myself, when I can do some of the poses which I previously had difficulties doing. Yes, every week, I do see some improvement in myself :D

I salute all my yoga instructors. I practically worship them *ahaks*. When I watch them demonstrate the poses we're going to do in class, their movements are so fluid, so gentle. Yet so powerful and strong.

*Note: I have weak lower back muscles due to an old injury from my school days. I'm also not the most flexible person on earth *akakakakaka*. I took up yoga to stregthen my lower back muscles, as well as tone up my entire body. This is one decision I'm glad I made :D And I hope to continue learning yoga. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years, Oli may even decide to take up a yoga course, right? *winks* In fact, I strongly encourage people to take up yoga as it is very beneficial to the mind, body and soul. Namaste~