Sunday, August 12, 2007

Carls Jr

This is what I have to say about Carls' Jr: Burgers that size could spell a possible future of obese Malaysians.

Why do I say so? Because their burgers are humongous. The serving is much larger than the normal servings you would expect from places like McDonald's. And already burgers are making people fat. To speed up the process of getting fat and unhealthy, CJ is now in the market (a revival I guess).

I didn't exactly know how large the servings were until I was queueing up. I took a peek into their kitchen and saw the burger buns. The buns were almost the size of my face. Good lord! I could imagine the size of the burger once the meat patty & other stuff gets on it! How could a burger get so BIG?!? And was it necessary to make a burger so big?

I opted for the low carb chicken-something. It had no burger buns (thank god!) and the chicken was wrapped in lettuce leaves. Never the less, the serving was big, I was very full after consuming it. I couldn't imagine ordering the regular burgers. No way I could finish it. And OMG... I couldn't possibly allow myself to stuff my face with such a big burger. I would feel soooo fucking guilty cos seriously, it's just not healthy (my opinion, don't bloody shoot me if you disagree).

The burgers aren't cheap too. Be prepared to spend at least RM 20+ for the combo set. Some sets might even go up to RM 30. My low-carb chicken thingy alone was RM 15.95, without the fries and drink (excluding tax). It's fast food, it's burgers and fries, and it's fucking big.

In terms of flavour, I'm giving them 7/10.
In terms of price, I'm giving them 3/10. Expensive for burgers wei.

*Note: I'm not implying eating burgers are bad ok. I'm merely stating my thoughts that it's rather unhealthy to see fast food joints increasing their serving sizes because it can cause a person to eat more than they should. We're already seeing a very sharp increase in obesity in many countries, including Malaysia.