Friday, August 17, 2007

A Community Message
I applaud any big corporations that focuses on environmental conservation, be it recycling programmes or community projects like wildlife conservation. It goes to show that the people running such corporations do want to give something back to the community. Well, I hope for their sake they're doing it because they want to conserve wildlife, and not to gain brownie points and look good in front of the public. I'll just give them the benefit of the doubt :)

So anyway, I was reading about Honda's wildlife conservation project, "Saving Our Sumatran Rhinos". It is a project initiated by Honda Malaysia and WWF-Malaysia in support of the Dept. of Wildlife and Natinal Parks (PERHILITAN), Perak State Park Corporation, Sabah Wildlife Dept and Yayasan Sabah Group.

The Sumatran Rhino is on the brink of extinction, and it's the most endangered rhino species in this part of the world. There's an estimate of 300 of them left roaming our forests, maybe less. 300 only?! The populatin has declined over the last few decades, and we have only ourselves to blame. Deforestation, illegal poaching... yeap, we're the ones driving these creatures to extinction. Come to think of it, humans will be the cause of death of this planet. Mother Nature doesn't really have to do much. We're already doing more than enough damages to wipe the human race out, harhar!

Nuffnang is encouraging all bloggers to put the "Saving Our Sumatran Rhinos" logo in their respective blogs, and write about the cause as bloggers deem fit. We don't have the means like Honda to pour millions of ringgit to support the cause. But what we, as bloggers can do is spread the awareness via our blogs and make use of the meduim: the internet. In fact, don't stop at the rhino conservation alone. I'm sure we all support more than one community project, be it in your neighbourhood or organisation. Blog about it and let others know :) Sometimes, all it takes is a word of mouth.

Click here to embed either one of the logos available into your blog.

*Oli's thoughts: I've always believed that if you really want to conserve the environment or give something back to the community, let it come from the heart. Don't get involved just to score brownie points or for publicity sake. Do it because you want to, practise what you preach,and be sincere about it.