Friday, August 10, 2007

Encounter With A Road Bully
He was in a beat-up Proton Saga (the 1st generation type of Saga) with another female companion. He had a face of a junkie. Uncombed hair, greasy looking face, specky and geeky, thin and gawky, with the mentality that being fierce is a way of life (sounds like Bucktooth's relatives, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Read about Bucktooth here and here.)

He was at the junction, looking to turn right. We were at the back, waiting for him to make his turn so that we could turn left. He stopped at the junction, but didn't realise his car was reversing and was about to hit our car bumper (you know how manual cars are... sometimes when you stop, your car might roll back a bit). So we honked to tell him "Dude! Your car is rolling backwards!". He didn't bother looking at the rear mirror. We honked again, this time, louder and longer. He stopped short at hitting our bumper, and jostled to the front a little. We zipped to the left and went on our way. Hubby looked back at the rear mirror and saw the bugger giving chase...

Hubby stopped right in front of my office and we both remained in the car. The Saga stopped next to us. With the driver window down, the junkie yelled at us for honking him. His nostrils flared up and eyes were open so wide they could pop out from their sockets. He yelled in Cantonese...

"Why you hon me for?!? You kenot see I stop ah?!?"

"We honked because your car was rolling back and was about to hit our car"

"Why you hon me for?!? You kenot see I stop ah?!? You kenot see I turn right ah?!?" You come out now!!! I wanna beat you up!!!"

He made some fist gestures and continued yelling and screaming. His female companion was tugging his arm and telling him to stop acting like a stupefied moronic ass and just forget it. We reversed our car and just said our apologise and stopped several metres away from the office. He continued to yell to himself and pointed his arms out, telling us to confront him face-to-face. He slowly drove away and turned at the next junction, out of sight, out of mind.

I kissed hubby and told him to be careful when driving. He assures me he's fine and everything is ok and that he'll be careful.

BCR 6939. Beat up bronze Proton Saga. Driven by a junkie with a face worse than a baboon . May you meet someone both fierce and intelligent to beat the shits out of you and bash your balls. To save us all the trouble, just drive into a concrete wall. Your female companion, well, if she's your girlfriend or wife, then I symphatise with her for following such a loser.