Sunday, August 19, 2007

I had my monthly facial treatment this morning, something I look forward to every month :D I love going for facials. My face feels really supple and nice after each treatment (not to mention the pampering!). Not that I don't take care of my skin at home (duh~), just that each monthly visit helps to remove some of the stubborn blackheads which I can't remove myself, and also the nice face massages I get, kekekekeke!

I've been going for facials for several years now. I started going because my mum thought it was best I went for it, because at that time my skin was quite problematic. I have combination skin, plus it's also sensitive. I cannot simply use any product, the results can be devastation (very stress tau?).

When I first started going for facials, I was going to this nice lady, which my mum went to regularly. But after a year, she stopped her business and went for her long holiday vacation in the States. So I went "facial-less" for a whole year cos I couldn't find another beauty salon to go to. Plus I didn't know what sort of brands the other salons were carrying. What if their products weren't suitable for my skin? Eeekkk!!! I've tried various brands before, some of which are not cheap. And guess what... the expensive brands you always find in shopping malls not only didn't have any positive effect, it left me with breakouts!!!! ARGH!!!

Fortunately, my sis introduced me to this beauty salon in Uptown, Damansara Utama. The lady was very nice and even gave me some good consultation. After a few months of regular treatment, I saw the positive changes to my complexion :D I've been with this beauty salon for over 2 years now, and love their product and personal service. I've also recommended some friends there, and I think they love the place too ;)

The beauty salon's name is Zenzi, and they have 2 outlets now. One in Uptown (same row as OCBC) and the other in SS 19, Subang Jaya. They carry Sothys products, and have several types of facial packages to suit your complexion. No doubt their products are a little expensive, however it has helped me tremendously, that's why I've been sticking to them for the past 2 years :) A friend of mine who used to be in the beauty industry had also assured me that Sothys is really of high grade, very reassuring tip!

*Note: Sothys should really give me something for the publicity I'm giving them ;P~~~