Sunday, August 5, 2007

My New Frames

Check out my new specs frames. Funky leh? Kekekekekekekeke!!! It's high time I changed my specs actually, the old pair has been with me for quite a few years already, and the power is like, totally out summore XP I went to my optician friend's shop in Kota Damansara and got myself the new frames. All for only RM 238. Cheap leh, considering my power is so high.

Thankfully my power didn't go up, must be the contact lens stabilizing it *phew* Anyway, the specs is a spare tool for me now, most of the time I'm wearing my contact lenses. Last time, waAAAaaayyYYYyyy before I convinced myself to switch to contact lenses, making a new pair of specs was a costly affair for me. At least RM 500 *ouch* That's usually because the frames are cheap, but it's my lens that will drive the cost up. You see, because my power was kinda high, I always opted for high index lens, so that the final lens which will be fitted into the spectacle frames would not look thick. So yea, I literally paid for that sort of customised request.

I've been a geek with specs since the age of 9. Yes, that is how long I've been hiding behind frames *haha* And the funny thing is, many people have said I look like a teacher when I put on my specs. Ahem... Teacher? Me? Sure or not...? If I were a teacher, I think my students will turn out very demented XD Hmmm, what sort of teacher would Oli be... A teacher in... Sexology? Kinkylogy? Wakakakakakakakakaka!!!!

Teacher... Hmmm.... Naaaaaaaahhhhhhh!