Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Networking : Are You Part Of It?

Sounds familiar to you? These are just some of the many gadzillion online networking sites around. Gah! Banyaknya! Is there no end to such sites?! LOL

First I was in Friendster, that also I seldom log in :P Then my group of neighbours started getting into Multiply and I got pulled into joining it. And then Facebook started making waves and I too became part of it. Aiyoyosamy! Banyak ID and password to remember! On top of that, I've got all my online banking, emails and other websites to remember XD

If you're gonna ask me, which is my preferred networking site... my answer is... I donch know yet. Reason being they all work around the same concept. Sharing photos, posting blogs, comments and bla. But Facebook can get a little addictive cos of it's sooOOOoooo many features. Then again, even though I'm in Facebook, don't think I'll spend much time there. Even my Friendster and Multiply account is hardly active, HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Feel free to add me into your Facebook account. I might just randomly throw a sheep at ya ;P~