Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Next Stage
Since moving into our little condo, our circle of friends have expanding tremendously. Many of the residents here are young couples, or young families. Many of the young couples have chosen this condo as their love nest (we're one of them, hehe!) and after settling all the moving and house renovations and wedding receptions (fuiyoh... sweat only when I think back of all the many weddings I have attended during the past 2 years! It was fun mind you), the next stage for some was probably to start building a family (read: make babies).

I guess it's pretty normal for every couple to go through all the above stages. You start paktoh, decide to buy a house, then officially tie the knot, enjoy for a while, then start to make babies (I make it sound like we're machines, wakakakakaka!).

During the past several months, some of the young couples whom we're friends with are now in the "expectant parents" category. Yalor, mereka sudah upgrade, naik pangkat dah~ ROTFL. Although the wives are going through pretty rough times now with their pregnancy, what with all the nausea, the vomiting non-stop, the tiredness, *hambalang all come lah. Aiyoyo, pregnancy supposed to be an enjoyable experience. But I hear their stories macam so suffering only to be pregnant. I hope the ladies will have a smooth pregnancy :)

What about me and hubby? Well, we'll probably start our next stage in the coming year, hehe. We've been talking about it and how we might have to readjust a lot of things you know, like our lifestyle, our timing etc. Dey, pregnant oso have to plan nicely wan ok. Not simply say pregnant then get pregnant :P Have to readjust our lifestyle lar, find gynae lar, take extracare of health lar, bla bla bla bla.... All oso cost $$$$$. And this is even before the kid is born!!!!! Aiyoyosamy! :P

Rest assured I have a lot of friends who can be give us lotsa guidance on parenthood (I hope they do!). Ah~ life :)

*hambalang - a local chinese slang which means everything