Monday, December 24, 2007

Games We Played For Christmas

Guardian Angel/Mortal

We played this game in the office recently, to coincide with Christmas. It's called "Guardian Angel/Mortal". The rule of the game is simple: You pick a name from the envelope, and that person will be your mortal. As a guardian angel, you have to jaga your mortal la. You can do things like give your mortal a massage, buy food or drinks for the mortal etc etc.

It's not about the value, it's all about treating the person well and making sure they're always happy and well taken care of lah. You don't have to reveal your identity to your mortal, the idea is for them to guess who their guardian angel would be.

This game went on for about 2 weeks, and ended some time last Friday. I think everyone enjoyed the game a lot :) My mortal was the N, the Project Manager, haha! My idea was the give him something sweet everyday, be it fruits, juice, chocolates etc. You know the chinese saying, "tim tim mut mut"...

So everyday, I would think of something sweet to leave on his table. I would also include a small note, something that says your guardian angel left this for you, hope you enjoy yada yada. Sometimes I would write the note, sometimes I would get another colleague to write it for me. I was working with Jane actually, to try to trick N into believing that she's his guardian angel :P It didn't really work in the end cos my mortal later revealed at the end of the game that he knew I was his angel because he had been comparing the hand-written notes with some other notes posted on one of our internal boards XD Dang, my mortal so clever~ Ahaks~

As for me, my angel only appeared after I merajuk for 3 days! AHAHAHAHAHA! Yar, my angel appeared a little late, but better late than never, right? One of my other colleague, his angel only appeared at the last last minute too! He was so afraid his angel had forgotten about him, the poor thing.

It was an interesting game overall. Some angels were quite generous. Although the game wasn't about comparing whose angel is better and who got more goodies. It was about taking care of each other and appreciating one another.

P/S: I hope that my mortal enjoyed all the sweetness so far, and may his life be sweet always. And no, the angel game is over so I'm not washing your car :P

Dirty Santa
Another game which we played was called 'Dirty Santa'. We were all given a minimum budget for a christmas gift, and all the gifts were lined up nicely under the office Christmas tree, which we brought along for the year-end company dinner (bosses took us on a cruise dinner @ Tasik Putrajaya).

The rule of the game is tricky: Each of us take a number from the envelope. Once everyone has taken their number, we'll queue up and grab whichever gift we want in accordance to the number we're holding. You have to open your gift of course, to see what you got ma. Now comes the "dirty" part... The person holding No.2 can choose to exchange the gift with person No.1. No.3 can exchange his/her gift with No.1 and No.2... and the list goes on. And if a person whats your gift, you have to release it, no questions asked. So if you're No. 15 for example, you have 14 people before you to exchange your gift with! Faham?

That said, things got pretty loud on the boat. Lotsa cheers and laughter, because whatever gift you were holding, may not necessarily be YOURS for keeps :P My number was No.15, and *ahem* lo and behold, the gift I picked was from
N, the Project Manager (who was also my mortal). I didn't know the bag I picked up was from him, cos the gifts didn't have any names on it. And guess what I got?.... *drumroll*.... A pack of tingles... from DUREX....! O.O (makes me wonder what this guy does during his free time, ahaks!). It also came with a deck of cards, another way of foreplay, perhaps? LMAO!

Of course my chance for gift exchange came, I had 14 gifts to choose from! Wuakakakakakakaka! I saw my chance and jumped at it! I snagged a huge 30" pillow from another colleague. But I got worried too, because there were another 7 people behind me, who might take the pillow away from me!

Thankfully (phew!) those 7 people seem to be more interested in the wine or the big red mug that has been flying from hand to hand, hahahahahaha! The pillow is mine, ALL MINE XD *evil laughter*