Wednesday, July 30, 2008


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A very very prominent yoga centre is in very very deep financial shit. I got wind of this piece of information 2 weeks ago from a friend about the real situation behind this ugly scene. It's soooo deep, it even got itself in the news today (NTV7). Not only did the media covered it, politicians were roped in as well.

This very big yoga centre, owes people huge amounts of moolahs. And a few of its outlets have reported been closed down, with no notice what so ever to their members. Sedih, kan?

This is what happens, when an organisation, has bad management. The bigger you are, the harder you fall.

I hope all the members & yoga instructors of this yoga centre, will get some justification out of this ugly fiasco.

Yoga is about learning. Not about commercialism.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Random Thoughts
I sometimes have such random thoughts running through my puny brains, heh!

My friend's sister just celebrated her baby's full moon. I casually asked my friend if her sister was breast feeding. She said no, and that the baby is now on formula because her sister said she has no milk to provide.

No milk? Turns out, her sister had thought she had not enough milk to breast feed her child, so she turned to formula.

When I think of it, I think it's quite sad that many new mothers are not fully educated about the benefits of breast feeding. And that their chances of breast feeding their child is further dampened by the words of many around her. Having no support and thorough understanding, naturally the new mother would come to believe she cannot produce enough milk for the baby, hence turn to milk powders.

Quite sad, isn't it? Just when so many doctors urge new mothers to breast feed, many are turned away all because they didn't try long enough to see things through.

I'm not a mother myself yet, but I have done some reading on this. Breast milk is in fact, the best you can give your child. No formula can replace the goodness in breast milk. And the production of breast milk, is very much dependent on the demand & supply chain. The higher the demand, the more your supply. The first few tries is probably the most daunting (as some new mothers have shared with me). That's because during the initial tries, all the baby gets is the colostrum; Which is in fact, high in carbohydrates, protein, and antibodies and low in fat.

And it's due to the daunting first tries, which convinces a lot of new mothers to believe, they don't have enough breast milk. "Why so little milk?!"... "Am I not producing enough?!"... "Where's the milk?!"... "Is it because my breasts are too small?!"

Probably the new mothers have this idea that breast milk should be abundant the moment the baby is born. This is not really the case. From what I understand, the new mother has to continuously feed the baby, as the baby's stimulation will encourage breast milk to be produced. No stimulation, no demand, hence no supply. This is where breast pumps come in handy too, as it artificially stimulates the breasts to produce more milk, if your baby is not around (in daycare while you're at work etc).

I just think a lot of mothers out there, are being told inaccurate facts. I've heard a few times, the older women telling the new mothers "Aiya, you don't have enough milk to the baby la! Give milk powder la!". Such words to a new mother are in fact, very discouraging. A new mother would need all the encouragement she deserves when breast feeding, not cynical words as above. Breast feeding not only helps the new mother bond with her child, she's also providing the child with the best possible nutrients and antibodies. Plus breast feeding burns calories babeh!!!

Perhaps some women also don't make it a point to do some extra research on the subject, expecting everything to fall into place naturally. After all, having a child is a natural progress, so why shouldn't breast milk be? Unless the mother herself is on medication, I think it would be a great thing for mothers to breast feed their babies.

Now if only more women give breast feeding a go. You can jolly well save yourself a hefty amount from all those expensive formulas!!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Cranky Oli
I caught the flu bug over the weekend. Actually, my throat was already feeling funny last Friday. I could sense a sore throat coming... mmm...~

Lost my voice over the weekend (it's not really back yet either). Throat was feeling kinda sore as well, plus I've got the sniffles *sniff sniff* *ah-chew!*

I've been wrapping wantons for the past 2 days, and there's plenty more where that came from! My throat seems to be getting better (I HOPE!). Falling sick always makes me bloody cranky. I'm on medication right now, and the good doctor even gave me some medicine to get my voice back (he laughed at my sore voice too, KNS!).

It sucks to be sick over the weekend. You can't even ask for the MC! Gah!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wussy #1
She's probably a little older than me, but very aunty-like. Previously Wussy #1 complained about a yoga instructor (let's call him Jo). Jo is known to be a tough yoga instructor. His class is classified under the "intermediate" level, so obviously, there is a certain degree of toughness to his yoga style. And even though his classes are at the intermediate level, we don't always do difficult asanas (poses). A lot of times, we will engage in the more basic asanas, but have to hold on longer.

Wussy #1 didn't like Jo. She would complain about him every week, before his class starts. She would complain to the receptionist of course. She would say how difficult his class is, how he's tough on students, how he pulls your arm to straighten it etc etc. And yet she attends his class almost every week because she can't make it to other classes. Wussy #1 wanted a more gentler yoga class. Wussy #1 doesn't like how Jo pulls her arms to straighten it. Wussy #1 doesn't like Jo touching her.

Wussy #1 also complains about other yoga instructors, claiming their styles are too boring and repetitive. But she can't even hold in plank position for more than 10 seconds.

Jo no longer teaches at the yoga centre, because not many people attend his class. Wussy #1 is happy that Jo has left.

Wussy #2
Wussy #2 is similar to Wussy #1, only much louder and more aunty. She speaks very loudly and also complained about Jo before. She's also equally delighted that Jo is no longer teaching at the centre. Now she's complaining about another instructor (let's call her Zee). Zee is a new instructor who just started teaching at the centre in July. Her Thursday classes are classified as "Basic" for this month.

Wussy #2 complained that Zee talks too much, explains too much about yoga. Wussy #2 just wants to do yoga, and not listen to all the explanations. Wussy #2 doesn't like Zee at all, and yet attends her class because like Wussy #1, she can't make it to the earlier classes. Every week, before class begins, Wussy #2 will also make a alot of noise to the receptionist, complaining why is Zee teaching. Like Wussy #1, Wussy #2 also prefers a gentler, slower yoga class. Something which is easier for them to handle.

Wussy #2 is now contemplating to join another fitness chain, because Wussy #2 doesn't like Zee's classes. I say good riddance to bad rubbish :)

Every week I will see them on the same days I go for yoga. And every week, both wussies will have something to complain about. It's no wonder they haven't really improved much. As the saying goes: If you can't take the heat, leave the game.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stupidity To The Highest Level
A guy called.

He said he deletes his emails to "save" them into the trash bin. That's 1 step

As opposed to saving his emails in respective folders, then trashing them later. That's 2 steps.

He wanted the tech people to configure his email trash bin.

So that his emails don't get trashed (literally) when he "saves" them into the trash bin.

And he insisted it can be done.

The idiot was using the trash bin as an email folder.

The tech guy almost suffered a major cardiac arrest.

Some people are just born stupid.


Monday, July 21, 2008


Brilliant... That's the only word I can find to describe the late Heath Ledger. His portrayal as The Joker in the movie, The Dark Knight... Was immensely eerie and wonderful, surpassing even the likes of Jack Nicholson.

Rest in peace, Heath... Wherever you are.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Singapore Trip 2008
Most of you would remember I was in Kiasuland just last weekend with my mum. After what seems like 15 long years since we last stepped foot into the little republic, my mum and I ventured to Singapore for a short weekend getaway and just spend some girl-time together. We also managed to check out what's left of the Great Singapore Sale. We took the Aeroline coach down, RM 80 one-way (inclusive of a meal).

Interior of the Aeroline coach, upper deck. Comfy seats which you can recline to catch 40 winks. Mariah Carey was greeting us on that Friday morning.

The lounge area at the lower deck of the coach. Not comfy as it's really jerky sitting down here when the coach is moving (gives me a headache!)

The coach made a quick stop at Pagor before heading towards the Causeway. There, we stopped to get through Johore Immigration, before boarding the bus again to get to Tuas Immigration on the republic.

Upon reaching Harbourfront Centre (that's where the coach stops), my mum and I walked to the MRT and guided with a map, found our way to Somerset MRT Station. From there, it was a quick walk to the apartment where we spent the next few nights in; Lanson Place. My sister and her colleague were in Singapore for work, so my mum and I bunked in with my sis (save on accommodations, haha!).

Main entrance of Lanson Place, Winsland Residence.

A fully functional kitchen. Nice leh?

Another angle of the kitchen. There's a coffee machine too.

The dining and living area. It's a mess because my sister and colleagues had brought a lot of work with them. The living area has a 40" LCD and sound system.

Ngee Ann City, where Takashimaya is located.

The Night Safari entrance

The Night Safari is a must-see. We caught the Night Safari bus from Le Meridien hotel (a stone's throw away from Lanson Place) and bought our tickets on board the bus. How convenient for tourists! There are designated stops for which the bus will go to, and you can board them and the bus will take directly to the Night Safari. You can also take the same bus back, just wait at the designated spot after you've exited the safari and the bus will again go back to the same stops.

Singapore is very clean, well, maybe the tourist areas are kept very clean. I've heard stories that the suburbs may have it's fair share of dirty walkways and toilets as well, but none as bad as what we have back home. I guess it all boils down to enforcement and education. We all know Singapore is a "FINE" country. Very strict enforcement, yes. But it's for the good of the country and the image, so I guess it's a price to pay. People might grumble and whine about the strict rules, but it does have positive effects.

Oh yea... and I bought quite a few new bajus for myself :P Dollar for dollar, Singapore prices are cheaper!!! Yes, despite the fact our stupid gomen keeps saying Malaysia is the cheapest country and all that crap!!! Excuse me!!! Can you idiots stop comparing apple and kiwi?!? Our Ringgit is fwaking weak!!!

One of my buys... Fila sneakers for SGD 49.90... WHERE TO FIND IN MALAYSIA?!?!?!?

I had to take this picture for Doc :P Purr Purr~~~~

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Luck & Fate
I was at a friend's place last night, paying her a quick visit to see how she was doing. She had gone through a cervical ectopic pregnancy, a very rare case of ectopic pregnancy. In simple terms, an ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy, which is developing in the wrong place. In my friend's case, it was in the cervix.

She had almost bled to death.

I'm just glad that my friend is now okay and alive and well. Despite losing a lot of blood, she was lucky to have been admitted on time and had a good gynecologist that saved her life.

My friend had also underwent a D&C about 6 months ago, she suffered a missed abortion a few months before me. So I do know and understand very well her emotions. But she's a tough cookie, and I was very happy to see her. She could still joke and laugh about her near death experience with me, crazy woman :P

Yes, getting pregnant is a whole lot more than what is taught in school (Form 3 Science, Chapter 1). So many factors involve, so many complications to overcome. If it's meant to be, you'll carry the baby for a full 9 months, give birth to it and raise it (and have a whole set of worries later, but that's another story lah).

Some of us just have to try more than once to hit the jackpot. Luck and fate decides the rest, and you have no control over it. Pray everything will be smooth for you and the little life you carry.

Namo Amitabha

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Systematic Singapore
1. You actually feel safe walking on the roads of Singapore.
2. You don't have to clutch your bag/purse and worry some motorcyclist will zoom by and slash your hands.
3. Cars actually stop to let you cross the road.
4. Toilets are really clean, even in crowded areas like the zoo (suburbs may be a different story la)
5. People queue in line properly (most of them la).
6. People can go jogging and not worry about getting abducted or robbed.
7. You can ask for directions or assistance and not get a black face (at least those I've approached la).
8. There are proper pedestrian crossings at inter-sections for your safety (just as long as you watch the pedestrian lights and not jaywalk)
9. There are designated stops for you to take the bus to tourist spots like the Night Safari & bird park (very convenient for tourists, a sure boost for their tourism economy).
10. Public transport is tops!

P/S: No, I wouldn't want to live in Singapore long term, just visit-visit sudah memadai :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

*Oli blogging from the red dot down under :P

We were walking inside Wisma Atria, window shopping and all. The crowd was fantastic, after all, the Great Singapore Sale is coming to an end in a week's time, and many shops were giving further reductions here and there. People were buying, buying and buying more!

I chanced upon a famous home brand, Charles & Keith. They specialise in women's footwear and accessories, and is very well accepted by Singaporean women. They also have outlets in the Philippines, Brunei, the Gulf region as well as Malaysia. Charles & Keith arrived in KK, Sabah first. Now you can find them at The Pavilion, KL.

The Charles & Keith boutique was crowded as well, people were just trying on shoes and buying them etc. There was a mountain of boxes next to the cashier :P I was trying on some shoes as well, checking out the quality and comfort. I flipped the heel I was holding to see the size and saw... imprinted on the soles of the heel...

"Made In Malaysia"







Thursday, July 10, 2008


Oli's going for a short break, to the little republic south of our country, land of kiasuism and the infamous toilet queen. I'm going with my mum actually, and meeting my sister there who's on a business trip :) 3 ladies, just chilling and having some girl fun. Yes. we're dumping the men and the cat at home, wuahahahahahaha!

We're taking the bus there, and I'm actually quite excited. One, because it's been a while since I sat a bus for a long distance journey. Two, I haven't been to the little republic for... what... 15 years?! Three, it was my mum's idea to go on this trip. Four... IT'S THE SINGAPORE SALE!!!! I've heard A LOT about the Singapore sale. About how things are cheaper there than here, and it's REALLY A SALE (and not like the sales we have here, markup the goods, then slash the prices). So yes, just us girls going for a shopping experience~

Catch ya guys when I get back! *muacks*~

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Solar Homes For Malaysia
This article caught my attention this morning: Solar Homes for Malaysia. A very effective and environmental-friendly way of using solar energy and converting it to electricity. This idea isn't new, it's been mooted for donkey years. Cost is a major factor here, because installation of those solar panels cost a bomb. If it doesn't put a dent on your wallet, it'll put you into bankruptcy.

IT IS now possible for Malaysians to have solar-powered homes. Three housing developers are offering high-end homes equipped with photovoltaic (PV) systems, in the Klang Valley.

In its latest phase at Setia Eco Park in Shah Alam, Selangor, SP Setia is including PV systems in 20 of the 39 bungalows, which are going for around RM1.58mil. The 5kilowatt peak (KWp) system cost over RM170,000 each and is expected to generate RM150 worth of electricity every month.

In Precinct 16 of Putrajaya, developer Putrajana Perdana is offering PV modules in 15 bungalows ranging in price from RM2.9mil to RM4mil. The PV systems average around 5.4KWp each. Another developer, Amarin Wickham, will incorporate PV cells into the sunshade on the roof of its low-density condominum in the U-Thant area of Kuala Lumpur.

Over a million bucks for houses equipped with solar panels. OUCH! Tell me... how many people can really afford such houses these days? Ok, it's targeted to the super rich, so right now, only the super rich can draw energy from the sun. Others will just have to deal with the continuous rising cost of living and find other means to put food on the table (or skip a meal or two).

Unfortunately, installing such panels are a costly affair and if such an idea were to be implemented, it has to be heavily subsidised by the government. And we all know our government has no money because all the funds are being used to feed the greedy ministers, their families, their mistresses/extended families and their cronies.

So yea... Solar energy panels... is still a distant thing for Malaysia :) Let's hope such an idea can be put in place in the near future, before the planet gives up on us (or before humans destroy it, whichever comes first).

Friday, July 4, 2008

Malaysian news these days is so full of colourful drama :)

We've got politicians caught on video talking to some other high-ranking people.

We've got politicians calling each other monkeys and big foot.

We've got politicians fighting with each other, telling one another to step down.

We've got politicians playing with hookers.

We've got politicians purportedly spying on each other.

We've got a retired politician sticking his mouth into every single event possible.

We've got politicians who's stories and alibis are shrouded in mystery.

We've got politicians who're accused of playing with other people's backside.

We've got politicians (and some P.Is) declaring stuff and then retracting them in 24hours.

Our Malaysian political scene is really like something out of a soap opera!

Drama kot!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Charlize Theron is sooooooooooooooo HAWT! That's the word for her. HAWT.

Photo from Celebrity Gossip

H-A-W-T. She's not pretty. She's not beautiful. She's H-A-W-T. She's damn H-A-W-T in the movie Hancock.

Yea, hubby and I caught the preview yesterday (free tix!) with a few other friends. Last minute thingy (we only got the tickets at 4pm+). Security was a major hoo-haa, all mobile & electronic devices must be placed at the collection counter (you're given a slip with numbers printed on, to reclaim your belongings after the movie). Upon entering the lobby, we were scanned again by the security, and they would checked your bags as well, in case you try to sneak your phones in. A bunch of crew were inside welcoming people and giving out limited freebies like t-shirts and stuff.

Charlize Theron is sooooooo H-A-W-T...........~


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Different.. Yet Familiar...
I woke up this morning, with every intention to hit the pillow again and go back into deep slumber. Eventually I woke up, and dragged my weary feet to the washroom to clean up and get dressed.

I walked out the main door, slipped my foot into my loafers (without looking) and scooted off to the lift with hubby. As I was walking to the car... My feet felt different... Yet familiar... I couldn't make out the feeling. I looked down at my feet and realised...






I had worn my slippers to work today~