Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some Kind-A-Gorgeous

Benefit Cosmetics 'Some Kind-A-Gorgeous foundation faker.

I bought this foundation during my last trip to Singapore in July 2008, and I've been using it for about 3 months now. Benefit Cosmetics (from San Francisco, USA) has a wide range of cosmetics available, and this foundation is one of their top sellers. Not to mention Benefit Cosmetics has been getting rave reviews from a lot of female magazines in and around the world.

Nice packaging, eh?

I got this for SGD 60, which I had initially thought was a pretty good buy. If I'm not wrong, in KL, this foundation is priced at about RM 129. Then I found it in the USA, it's only priced at USD 28, which, when you convert to Ringgit, it's below RM 100 (charantou~). Haih~ blame our weakening Ringgit and all the nonsensical taxes on imports lah~

Anyway, price aside, let's talk about the quality of this foundation. Normally, foundations come in various shades to suit the different skin tones of women. 'Some Kind-A-Gorgeous' is a foundation for most skin tones, so you don't really need to worry if your face will become too fair after applying it. Sounds like a good deal, right? Well, I have to admit it's a pretty good deal :D The packaging is also very very unique and interesting to the eye. Instead of the usual "foundation bla bla" copy on it, the entire packaging it's shape to look like an old record player. And with such a striking pink, it's hard not to miss it. In fact, if you look at all of Benefit Cosmetics products, they all have playful packaging and copy.

The 'Some Kind-A-Gorgeous' foundation is a cream-to-powder formula, which gives you silky and even perfection for your complexion. It was the 'cream-to-powder' formula which got me to buy this product, because previously I was using Sothys Teint Oxyliance Foundation (retails at RM 169), and that too was a 'cream-to-powder' formula. I liked how this formula doesn't cake my skin, yet gives me a good coverage.

The only thing about the 'Some Kind-A-Gorgeous' foundation is the quantity. It comes in 08.oz, which is about 24ml only, not a lot really. No wonder the women in Singapore were buying 4-5 boxes of these! Barely 2 months of using it, I could already see the silverish base of the compact appeearing :( (I apply foundation on weekdays usually, and when attending functions on weekends, which is quite rare, so my usage is quite normal). For SGD 60 or RM 129, it's a little tak cukup lah. Even my Sothys Teint Oxyliance is 30ml and could actually last me a lot longer.

So I decided to switch back to Sothys, my trusty brand.

Sothys Oxyliance Foundation

Oh, as for the face masks which I had previously blogged about... here are some of my feedback on them.

1) Scheming eye mask Q10 elastin : I quite like the feel of this product. My under eyes felt a little smother and less puffy as well.

2) Scheming Crystal Rejuvenating & Revitalizing eye circles : This mask covers the entire eye area (except your eyes of course). Maybe because the coverage was a lot wider, hence the mask felt a bit heavy :P I had to lie down while using the mask, otherwise it will fall off, hehe! I prefer the Q10 elastin mask more.

3) Hokkaido lover Q10 elastin : This is the only full face mask I bought, and by far the one I like the most :D Skin felt really supple after 15 minutes of application (when you pat the remaining liquid onto the skin) ^.^ My colleague tried the Hokkaido Lover E.G.F Reconstruction mask and loves it too!

4) Breast firming and whitening mask : This mask is funky, LOL! Covers the entire breast area. I've only used it once so far so I can't really tell any difference yet, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! But the skin does feel kinda supple after application~~~

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Masks, Masks And More Masks!
My girl colleagues and I went on a rather... erm... adventurous online shopping spree a couple of weeks back: Buying beauty masks!!!

These masks are sold online from Fairycove, and they're based in Singapore. So all products are in SGD, but don't worry, it's very very affordable :D Prices of masks starts from SGD 1!!!!! Who could resist such prices!!!!! Wuakakakakaka!!!! Fairycove carries a wide range of mask, from face mask to eye mask to heel mask. They even have breasts mask!!! No kidding!!! 5 of us checked out the site and listed down the items that we wanted to purchase. I think we ended up buying about 80 masks in total!!! LOL!!!

The range of beauty masks I purchased :D (the large face mask is FOC cos we bought so many)

A close-up shot of the various masks.

Breasts mask!!!! Wuakakakakaka!!! At SGD 1.50, just try laaaa!!!

Some our the men in the office were quite curious with our purchase :P Hey guys, breasts mask for you?! ROTFLMAO!!!

*Update: I've tried a couple of the eye masks, and I must say they're quite nice :D The areas around my eyes feels more supple, but since I've only used 2 types of eye mask so far, I won't say much yet. The breasts mask was funky, haha!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mistake@ Manhattan Fish Market
*Enters restaurant. Take our seats and view through the menu available*

Oli: "Are we ready to order?"

Everyone else: "Yupyup!"

Fatty: "Hello?" *looks at loitering waiters for attention* "Order..."

1st Waiter comes...

Fatty: "I want a bla bla bla bla..."

Oli: "I'll have bla bla bla..." *observes waiter who wasn't writing anything down*... "You sure you can remember all this?"

1st Waiter: *nod nod mumbles something*...

Everyone else continues to order... *some mixing and matching the side dishes between the chips and garlic butter rice* *sits and waits for food to arrive* *yada yada yada*

Food arrives. But we noticed the orders was mixed up. ZZ ordered a grilled dory with chips and an extra serving of rice. The dish that came was Fish & Chips, and the extra serving of rice. Takpe takpe, ZZ just swapped with JH because her order was mixed up as well. JH ordered the Fish & Chips, but got ZZ's order instead. So we just asked the waiter to change the extra serving of rice to chips instead (takan ZZ eat 2 portions of rice, right?). The waiter's facial expression changed at that point (elo, you made that mistake ok).

Then, 3 orders of baked fish with garden herbs came...

Oli & JJ: *looks at each other...* "This is not what we ordered...! We ordered the baked dory with butter sauce!"

2nd Waiter: "We don't serve the butter sauce anymore."

JJ: "No no!"

Oli: "Can I have the menu please?"

2nd Waiter gives me the menu. 1st Waiter was waiting nearby.

Oli: *points to menu - Baked Pacific Dory: Traditional baked fillet in butter plum sauce* "This is our order..."

2nd Waiter: "Ooohhh..." *looks at 1st Waiter who took our order*

1st Waiter: *speechless* *gulps* *2 orders wasted* "Can you just....?" *trying to hint that we just take whatever they had served us which was clearly wrong*

Oli & JJ: "We want to change this. This is not what we ordered. Fatty, is your order correct?"

Fatty: "Yes, mine's correct." *busy stuffing his mouth*

Oli & JJ: "Ok, both our orders, change please."

2nd Waiter: "Okok..." *takes 2 wrong orders back into the kitchen*

JH: "Actually... if it were me... I would just take the order... scared he do something to the food cos his face oredi bo syok"

Oli : "No, it was his fault he didn't write down our orders properly. Trying to be smart alec."

JJ: "Ya! I'm fucking not gonna pay for something I didn't order!"

Fatty: "Ya, true, it's his fault ma." *chomp chomp*

Moral of the story: Don't try to be a smart alec. Otherwise you risk kena hentam buta.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - Day 4 (last day)
The last morning in KK was spent by the poolside. Since we didn't really get to sun-bathe much due to the unpredictable weather, I said to hubby that I die-die also must be at least a shade darker when we return to KL!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! And since the mornings are the best time to get the sun (before the rain clouds come in the afternoon), better go sun bathe at least an hour!!!

Bright morning skies.

Oh yes~~~~ The sun was very very hot that morning, peeeerrrrfffeeeeccctttt~~~!!!! My sis of course called me crazy lah, cos she was hiding from the sun :P Apply plenty of sun block before attempting to sun bathe tau?! It was soooo relaxing, just lying down on the deck chairs and not a care in the world (in short, being a real bum). As I lied down, I could feel the heat of the sun~~~ Damn stim~~~~ LOL! Hubby was sun bathing next to me, occasionally going into the pool for a quick dip.

Sway sway~~~~

We made plans to check out just before noon, and head towards 1Borneo Hypermall. It's the largest shopping mall in East Malaysia, and since it's our last day, we thought we'll go check the place out.

1Borneo actually provides free shuttle bus service from the resort to the mall. In fact, the shuttle stops in various other hotels and city centre locations too, making it very convenient for tourists (and even the locals). All we did was inform the concierge that we want to board the 1Borneo shuttle, and they will give you the shuttle tickets, which you have to keep with you. Once you're at 1Borneo (there's a designated stop), you can check the return shuttle schedule back to your resort and time your stay in the mall. Simple, right? The shuttle arrives every 10-15 minutes, so it's really convenient if you're a tourist staying in the city, and wish to go to 1Borneo. The hypremall is about 30 minutes away from KK city centre.

1Borneo is pretty similar to KL malls. All the familiar brands are here as well, even the branded names. Tune Hotels is located here as well, so is the Tune Store is also in 1Borneo, the first departmental store by Tune Ventures Sdn Bhd. As the mall is still relatively new, don't expect much of a crowd just yet.

My sis called me up in the afternoon and we made plans to meet up later for dinner, before she sent us to the airport. So we had a few hours to kill, and we spent it by touring just about the entire mall XP I think we went into every turn we came across, haha!

We caught the 4pm+ shuttle service to get back to the resort (just in case there was an unpredictable traffic jam on the way back to the city centre). Oh, KK does have traffic jams, but not as bad as ours laaaaa. At least it just jams up for a short distance, not like KL jams, several hundred kilometers long.

Dinner was with some of my sister's KK friends at 'The Chinese Restaurant' @ Hyatt Regency, Kota Kinabalu. I guess my sisters' friends wanted to treat us before we went home :) (thanks again Elizabeth and Jonathan! *muacks*). We had some tasty dishes with rice, and Elizabeth kept selling their famous Peking duck dish to us, giving us another reason to come back to KK for another holiday! Hehehehe!!! She also gave us a take-away pack of their famous dish: Ox tail assam pedas, from the Tanjung Ria Café. Now we've never had this dish in KK at all, and it's a very popular local dish here in KK. Elizabeth shared with us that this particular dish is their cafe's signature dish, and that whenever Tun Mahathir stays in KK, he will tapau (take-away) the ox tail assam pedas from Hyatt Regency.

Waiting for the gates to open...

After a hefty dinner, my sis sent us to the airport and we bid farewell. To KK, to Sutera Harbour Resort, to everything la! *sob sob* Our holiday is almost coming to an end, and I felt sooo reluctant to get return to KL, and back to work!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!!!!

Our short vacation to KK was filled with a lot of joy and fun. And it was great to see my sister as well (and bug her a little, heh!). We definitely miss KK, and will make a trip back there again in the near future :D

Oh, and the ox tail assam pedas was delicious!!!! My sis said she's gonna bring back more for us to savour :D :D :D

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - Day 3
We had made arrangements with the Monsopiad Cultural Village, to arrange transportation to get to the village from the resort and back (thanks to my sis). We could've opted for Sutera Harbour's internal tour packages, but there were rather costly, so my sis helped with the arrangement. For RM 80 per pax (the cost covers transport charges and entrance fee of RM 45, plus a local guide), the cultural village would send a van to pick us up from the resort, take us to the village, and send us back to the resort upon completing the visit.

An excerpt from their official website:
Monsopiad Cultural Village, the traditional village is a historical site in the heartland of the Kadazandusun people and it is the only cultural village in Sabah built to commemorates the life and time of the legendary Kadazan and head-hunter warrior: Monsopiad. The direct descendants of Monsopiad, his 6th and 7th generations have built the village on the very land where Monsopiad lived and roamed some three centuries ago to remember their forefather, and to give you an extraordinary insight into their ancient and rich culture.
The village is only about 20 minutes from the city centre, but if you intend to get there via cab, be prepared to pay for the cab to wait for you, as the village is located quite deep inside, away from the main roads. Cabs hardly pass by the area, and buses are rare too. We decided that it was best to play safe, and make arrangements with the village for transport.

Main entrance of Monsopiad Cultural Village.

One of the cultural performances. Their costumes were very lovely and colourful.

Upon reaching the village, we were guided into a waiting hall of sort, to view some of the cultural performances by the locals. They performed a few local dance performance such as the Kadazandusun dance, the Iban dance and Bajau dance, and also gave explanations about what each performance was all about and when it was usually performed. We even got a chance to dance with them :P

An Iban warrior. Very garang looking. He freaked a 2-year old Japanese kid :P

In one of the performances, an Iban warrior came out, looking very fierce (it's the black eyeliner, heh!). With him was a long blow pipe and his parang. As he danced, he would looked at us, giving us a fierce glare, depicting the lives of warriors in those days when they were out hunting. At one point, he even aimed his blowpipe at us! XD The warrior then stepped off the stage and walked around us audience (freaked a Japanese kid out, made the poor boy cry~).

The warrior tapped me on my arm, gesturing me to follow him to the stage *gulp* He then used some sign language, gesturing me to wait at one corner and look above. There was a balloon tied on the wall, and *POP*... The warrior had blew the blowpipe, bursting the balloon. He then gestured me to stand at another corner, and to burst another balloon on the other side of the wall :PpPpP The blowpipe was quite heavy ok! I managed to burst the balloon (I think I burst it la, unless someone else was hiding somewhere and timed it so precise!) and the audience cheered! Wuakakakakaka!!! Damn hero~~~ :P The warrior gaved me a little hand knitted band, and I had to shout like a warrior *damn shy*.

Me blowing the pipe~~~ HAHAHAHAHA!!!

The bamboo dance.

After that was one last day, the bamboo dance. Holy cow... the speed of those dances! As the music got faster, they would dance faster. After that we were once again invited up the stage to try the dance, on a much slower pace of course :P My leg kena whack by those bamboo for being too slow, aduhai sakit tau~~~ But it was really fun to try it out, and we took a few group photos with the performers.

The suspension bridge.

Our village guide, Rose.

Our guide that day was Rose, and she gave us a brief introduction about the village and its history. The huge rock you see in the photo above is actually from one of the islands, which acted as a silent witness to the many legends of Monsopiad. The bamboo posts surrounding the rock is actually to put heads of the enemies, to sun-dry them *eerie*.

Entrance to the 'House of skulls'. Remember to say 'Siou Do Mohoing' before entering!

Rose then took us to the 'House of skull' just across the road, where the skulls of the enemies which Monsopiad had beheaded now reside. He beheaded 42 enemies in total *gulp*, and according to Rose, some of the skulls are already damaged, so the number of skulls on display is between 33 to 35 only. Before going into the 'House of skull', you must say the words "Siou Do Mohoing" as a form of respect to the spirits living in the house, so as to not offend them and their sacred place.

Some of the skulls in the house. Palm leaves surround the skulls, both to preserve and ward off other spirits.

Tangkong - traditionally worn by single Kdazandusun ladies. Single ladies wear 3 of these, and they are heavy!!!

Traditional rice wine (li hing) served in a narrow bamboo cup. Cold and sweet~~~

After resting our feet for a few minutes and enjoying the welcome drink plus getting a taste of the traditional rice wine, Rose took us to view other traditional parts of the village. The village was like a living museum, and visitors can experience some of the traditional activities such as grinding padi and pounding rice with two heavy wooden pestles in the shape of a water buffalo. Rose also explained to us the process of making the li hing, which is made from fermented rice. Kinda like sake~~~

The ingredients used to make li hing. There's rice ginger, yeast (the white round thingy). Fermentation can take about 1.5 months, and the alcohol level is about 14%!!!

Should you want a stronger kick to your rice wine, the wine is steamed again and you get an alcohol level of about 40%!!! *hic hic hic*

Next, Rose took us to view a traditional Kadazandusun house. Everything is made out bamboo, with no nails. There were some traditional musical instruments in the house too.

Interior of a traditional Kadazandusun house.

Wedding couple seat. The one on the left is for the groom, while the smaller one is for the bride.

We went outside again, and this time, Rose introduced us to the sago worm :PpPpP These creatures will grow to become black beetles in a few weeks, and they are also very high in protein as they feeds on the starchy pulp of the trunk of the sago palm (hence their name).

The star of the day!

The challenge was to eat them, ALIVE~~~!!!! Rose was encouraging all of us to try, and boy, was she having fun. These suckers move really quickly too! You have to hold their heads (there's a pair of pinchers on their heads, and they will bite) before you chew their grubby bodies off. The sago worm's body actually feels like, errr... your own flesh. Soft actually.

Hubby eating a sago worm. I had my share of sago worm too!

To be honest, it's quite geli to see the worm, especially when it's moving. Rose was being a great guide, encouraging us to try it if we were open to the idea. Hubby tried it first, and to his suprise, it was tasteless, he said. Rose then got a small sago worm for me, and I braced myself for the experience. It's really tasteless! Maybe a slight tinge of young coconut flesh, but that was it! We both felt damn hero after that ok! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The Japanese guy with us must've felt pressured to eat it too, and he ate a fat one!!! LOL!!! Heck, at RM 45 for entrance fee, you sure as hell better eat that worm to get your money's worth!!!!

After the worm-eating experience, we tried our hands at some traditional games before heading back to the city centre for a quick lunch. We had a 2pm spa appointment with Kul at the resort, and we really wanted to experience the couples spa~~~.

Entrance of Body Senses spa @ The Pacific Sutera.

Interior of Body Senses spa @ The Pacific Sutera.

Interior of Body Senses spa @ The Pacific Sutera.

The spa experience was really nice. No pictures of the spa, too busy enjoying it XD Actually, my camera's battery was running out and I left it in the room to charge, hehe! We were escorted into a private room with its private jacuzzi. The masseues served us chilled ginger tea, and politely asked us to select the type of aromatheraphy oil (from a choice of 4 essential oils) for our full body massage. Then, we went into the changing room to change. Disposable underwears are provided, but you can choose to go naked or wear your bikini.

We took a 10 to 15 minutes dip in the warm jacuzzi bath. Aaaaahhhh~~~~ the warm waters were so relaxing~~~~~ After that, the masseues called us to lie face down onto the bed and started giving us some relaxing massages. I think I almost fell asleep during the back massage :P

The whole spa experience lasted about an hour. The masseues told us not to take a shower for at least an hour after the massage, as to give time for the skin to absorb the essential oil. Feeling refreshed, we took a stroll by the poolside and just feel the sea breeze. The skies were getting cloudy again, and we could feel rain drops, haha! We went back to the room to get cleaned up and went back out to town to grab an early dinner.

(It's a good thing we went for dinner earlier, because the rain started pouring when we were having our meal)

We went to Ocean Seafood Village, located just beside Promenade Hotel. You have a wide array of fresh seafood to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choices. Just pick which seafood you want, and how you want it prepared. Or you could ask one of the assistants there to suggest to you the cooking preparations. You can also choose your choice of vegetables.

A wide choice of fresh seafood! :D

Sayur Sabah cooked with belacan. It's quite nice, pretty rare to find in KL.

Elephant trunk clam cooked with ginger and leek. Very smooth & yummy!!!

Cultured prawns. You dip the prawn in the sauce. Really fresh!!!

Deep fried mantis prawns, seasoned with salt & pepper. One part's missing because it's already in hubby's mouth HARHAR!!!

Buuuurrrrpppp~~~ Satisfying meal for two~~~

The total bill came to RM 160. Yes yes, it's a pretty expensive meal for two. But look at it this way... We saved a whole lot on accommodation already, plus we're on holiday. We don't spend like this for every meal, so it's alright to treat ourselves once a while, right? ;)

Feeling full from the sumptious dinner, we decided to head back to the resort and just chill.The skies were threatening to rain again, so it's best to head back la. And luckily we did because the rain came again, and very heavy too!

Day 4 next! Last day!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Trip - Day 2
We met my sister at the lobby at about 10am, to take the boat over to Manukan Island. Woohoo! A quick 10 minutes boat ride to the island! The day was pretty sunny, with clear blue skies~~~ (pretty hard to find such weather in KL you know!).

A quick 10-minute boat ride~~~

Manukan Island is the second largest island of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine National Park. Upon reaching the pier, you have to pay an entrance fee of a few Ringgit, but since we went there with my sister, it's free. The marine park consist of 5 island altogether: Gaya (the largest island, that's also where the Philipino village is located, a lot of illegal immigrants there), Manukan, Mamutik, Sapi and Sulug. On Manukan Island itself, Sutera Sanctuary Lodges has a few lovely beach side accommodations. You can choose from the beachfront chalets, hillside chalets and also their honeymoon suite. All chalets overlook the South China Sea, so you can enjoy the pristine sceneries and just be a beach bum~~~!!!!

Clear waters by the pier.

Manukan Island Resort beach chalets. These are the one-bedroom chalets (living is downstairs, room is upstairs)

From the pier, it was a short walk to the beach. One of my sister's colleague, Mee Sheah, who sat in the same boat with us, welcomed us to the island and accompanied us from time to time too. We were given the snorkeling equipment, life vests and even 2 beach mats. Without wasting much time, hubby and I dived into the waters and checked out the snorkelling scenery in Manukan Island.

Tourists at Manukan Island.

Holy cow! Damn a lot of sea cucumbers scattered all over the sea bed! A lot of seaweed floating about too. I would be swimming swimming, and suddenly PLAK! Seaweed would hit my goggles XP We could see some variety of fishes swimming about, but I think the underwater scenes in Perhentian Island were nicer :P But damn! Sea cucumbers all over the place!!!

Yummy lunch~~~ BBQ seafood~~~ *slurps*

Smokez getz in mah eyez~~~~

After snorkelling, we got out of the waters to have lunch on the island (which we had FOC as well, hehe! Otherwise it's RM 90 per pax I think). Lunch was a wonderful spread of BBQ seafood!!! Yumyumyum! There were a few cats wandering as well, all very friendly and playful. I was telling hubby, maybe we should just dump my dad's temperamental cat here on the island, as a form of punishment for bad behaviour :P HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Not wanting to leave the island without sun bathing, I took a beach mat and lay it on the open sands, under the hot hot HOT sun. My sister of course called me crazy, ahaks! Aiya, just got a quick one only maaaa! KL no chance to sun bathe maaaa. Bleeeekkkk!!! Some tourists were really red from all the sun bathing too!

Someone's luxury yacht. See the rain clouds?

From a distance, we could see the weather was changing on the mainland. Uh-oh... rain clouds were approaching. So we figured perhaps it's time to head back to the resort and take a nice shower and get cleaned up. We took the boat back to the mainland and decided to rest a while in our room, and met with my sister for some yumcha session. We took an internal shuttle (Sutera Harbour Resort has an internal shuttle service which guests can use to get from one wing to another) to the clubhouse and had a few drinks at the Five Sails Restaurant. It had started drizzling a little then, so it was a good thing we came back earlier.

After a while, my sis went back to work while we took a short stroll back to The Pacific Sutera. We called for a cab to go to the city centre. Cab fares in KK are relatively expensive as they don't use the meter system. Cab fares are like RM 5, RM 10, RM 15 etc. The short 5 minute juorney from the resort to town cost RM 10. Also, if you're staying in Sutera Harbour and require cab services, you can just approach the concierge, tell them you need a cab and they'll gladly call one for you. Cabs are always waiting nearby the resort, so all you need to do is ask the concierge and your cab will arrive in 1 minute.

KK's Waterfront has changed a bit since we last visited in 2006. Some new bars and restaurants have opened up as well. We decided to have dinner in Toscani’s Wine & Dine, an Italian restaurant. It was beginning to rain again anyway. Toscani's has a pretty good menu to offer :) Prices are pretty similar to some KL restaurants too. Seafood is always fresh as the wet market's just down the road!!! Hahahahaha!!!

Appetizers... Ciabatta mushroom, which were delicious!

Hubby's meal, some seafood pasta (I can't remember the full name of the dish, haha!)

My dish, Rack of Lamb~~~ (I can't resist seeing lamb in the menu :P)

Part of Waterfront, KK.

BarSu lounge & alfresco dining, one of the restaurants at Waterfront, KK.

After dinner (the rain wasn't about the let up), we decided perhaps it's best to return to the resort and just chill in the room. We were pretty tired anyway from the island trip.

Stay tuned for Day 3!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Trip - Day 1
We arrived in Kota Kinabalu at about 9.20am (1st flight into the city, haha!). My sis picked us up from the airport (Che-wah! Communications Manager personally pick us up you know! Dun play-play!) and swiftly took us to Sutera Harbour Resort where we would be spending our 4D3N vacation~~~

A view of The Pacific Sutera from the pool.

While waiting for our room to be ready, my sis took us around the resort, patiently explaining to us the nooks about the place. In fact, she sounded like a tape recorder, just hit the "PLAY" button and she would yap away like nobody's business, kekekekeke! Okok, I better not poke fun at the Communications Manager of SHR, lest she merajuk and ban me from entering the resort in the future XD.

Sutera Harbour is located a mere 5-10 minutes from KK city centre, very conveniently located. Accommodations is divided to 2 wings, The Pacific Sutera and The Magellan Sutera. The Pacific Sutera is more towards the business-class atmosphere, while The Magellen has a more resort-feel to its exterior and interior. Never the less, both wings offer their hotel guests a full-fledged resort facility such as swimming pool, spa, restaurants, salon, clinic etc. Published rates starts from RM 760 per room per night for The Pacific Sutera, while The Magellan Sutera starts from RM 860 per room per night. You can check out their website for room promos from time to time. And in case you're wondering, we got to stay at SHR at staff rates. I won't tell you what's the rate cos you can't get it, muahahahahahahaha!!!! (unless you bring me along!)

We also met Jack, the concierge on duty that morning. He's a very pleasant guy, and we had a hard time convincing him that we're sisters ROTFLMAO! He just wouldn't believe the facts :P

Lunch was at The Pacific Sutera's coffeehouse, Cafe Boleh. We also met my sister's immediate boss there, and he's a friendly guy. "Oh, you must be Samantha's sister! Welcome welcome! Sam, remember to sign ya!" - he was obviously expecting our arrival, ahaks! After lunch, my sis went back to work while we took a leisurely stroll around the resort (also to digest the lunch we had, burp!). The weather was playing games with us that Friday, partly cloudy, partly sunny. Monsoon season was approaching, thus the weather would be sunny in the morning, and cloudy (even rainy) in the afternoons and evenings. We weren't going to let the weather dampen our holiday spirit, no way!

The Pacific Sutera's pool side.

An orange koi swimming in one of the lakes by the poolside.

Our room at The Pacific Sutera.

Room with a view~~~ Sutera Harbour's 27-holes golf course.

Some of the yachts parked at the marina.

We took a stroll down to the marina, where a lot of expensive boats and yachts were parked. Sutera Harbour Resorts also has 3 luxury catamarans called the Puteri Sutera, ideal for people who want to have private functions in small groups (read: very very rich people only).

Sutera Harbour's Puteri Sutera luxury catamaran.

Part of The Magellan wing.

We walked to The Magellan wing and sat by the pool area, enjoying the cool sea breeze (which was accompanied by some rain drops!) and sounds of waves hitting the man-made shore. Sutera Harbour Resort has a few man-made beaches, as some parts of the resort is on reclaimed land. Since the weather was threatening to get darker with heavy rain clouds hovering above, we decided to spend a couple of hours resting in our room and meet up with my sister later for dinner. We had initially thought of dropping by the Body Sense Spa (by Mandara) cos when my sis gave us a tour earlier, her friend, Kul had asked us to come back and he'll give us a special treat. Unfortunately, he was fully booked for the day and asked us to return on Sunday afternoon, whereby he promised to give us a "surprise"~~~

The Magellan wing's man-made beach.

Deck chairs at The Magellan wing. There's another row of deck chairs (with blue umbrellas) just behind the palm trees on the right, by the poolside.

We had Bak Kut Teh, KK style for dinner. Now before you start shouting "WTF! BKT?!?", it's a holiday, remember? We had agreed to catch a movie with my sister and a couple of her friends later that night, and seafood dinner would be too rush for us, hence we decided to have something quick. "WTF! MOVIE?!?" Yes, we caught a movie too, kekekekeke! Death Race was pretty good, a man's movie la. Cinemas in KK are different, not all the cinemas show every movie available. And the cinemas here are a lot older too. Probably the most modern cinema in KK is at 1Borneo Hypermall (GSC).

BKT, KK style~~~

Our first day in KK was spent just relaxing & bumming. The skies were pretty gloomy, which you could clearly see in some of the outdoor photos I've posted here.

Night view of The Pacific Sutera. Nice hor?

Day 2 coming up soon!