Sunday, November 30, 2008

Steamed Herbal Chicken

An easy and simple dish which you can whip up in 20 minutes :D Not to mention to lovely fragrance of all the Chinese herbs and Chinese wine~~~~~!

Here's what you need:
Chicken cutlets (enough for 2 pax)
5 pcs dong gui (also known as angelica root, you can buy them from the chinese medical shops)
5 red dates (without the seeds)
1 tbps gei zhi (wolfberries)
A few pcs of jade bamboo (direct translation of those thin pieces of tree bark-like herbs, dunno what they're called la, LOL!)
1 tbps oyster sauce
1tps sesame oil
2 tbps xiu heng zau (Chinese cooking wine) or some call it hua tiao chiew

Now to start cooking! Mix all the ingredients up in a big bowl, and marinate overnight. Fill a deep wok with some water, and place the chicken cutlets in a deep plate. Steam the chicken and herbs at high heat for 20 minutes, or until chicken is fully cook. Ta-daa! Your dish is ready :D Garnish with chopped spring onions or coriander if you wish.

One thing I like to do is, after the chicken is done and I've taken it out of the work, I like to drizzle it with a spoonful of xiu heng zau for an extra kick! I just luuurrrvvveee to taste of Chinese wine~~~~~ *drools*

Friday, November 28, 2008

There's this "Come-lah" culture currently going around in my current workplace off late. I'm not exactly sure how it started, but I reckon it started from the daily foosball challenges between the upper management and a few of the employees. Some guys will start challenging and some guys will answer that challenge. And boys being boys, gotta be macho-macho sikit ma, kan? It's like a daily fight to see who can beat who, who will triumph and who will go home dejected.

Guy #1: "Eh eh... come come... one game!"
Guy #2: "Come-lah!"

You don't just merely say "Come-lah!" you know. You have to say it as though someone is challenging you to do something. You have to say it with that OOMPH! You have to say with gusto. You have to say it with confidence. You have to say it with sheer arrogance which will evoke the other party's fighting spirit. You have to say it with all the "kuai-lan-ness" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

This culture has already started to envelope other aspects in the workplace as well, and it is no longer confined to foosball challenges. For example, if you invite a colleague to have a meal of KFC...

Guy #1: "Eh, lunch time. Want KFC?"
Guy #2: "Come-lah!"

Or if your car is parked in a pretty tight space, with just enough space for you to turn your steering and get out without risking dents and paint chips...

Guy #1: "Eh, quite tight spot la. Slowly turn, if not sure scratch wan..."
Guy #2: "Come-lah!"

There has been a few other "cultures" besides this "Come-lah!" culture within the workplace as well. I will share some of the more popular ones here:-

1) Nonsense!
2) It's not my fault.
3) You are garbage!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not lightning bolt. Not Usain Bolt. It's Disney's Bolt, the super dog!!! He can jump over hovering helicopters. He has laser beam eyes that can melt metal. He has a super bark that can cause horrific destruction. And he has really big doggie ears XD

Bolt poster from Wikipedia.

I won't reveal much about the movie. Go watch it for yourselves. Hubby and I caught the movie last night, last minute free preview passes from a friend of a friend (woohoo!). The movie was entertaining, and I absolutely LOVE the hamster!!!! In my opinion, I think he stole the limelight from Bolt. Seriously, watch for the hamster and pigeons!!!! I won't say anymore :PpPpPpP

"I eat danger for breakfassssttt!!!" - Rhino (screenshot from here)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dim Sum Feast @ West Lake Garden, Sunway Lagoon Resort
A close neighbour of ours had redeemed some vouchers to a sit-down dim sum buffet at West Lake Garden Restaurant, and invited hubby, me and another couple to have a pig-out session there last week. It's been quite a while since we both had buffet of any kind, and although I'm still abstaining from certain food for the time being, especially the cold stuff, I can eat most of everything the restaurant prepares :P

West Lake Garden menu.

Overall, the food quality from West Lake Garden is pretty good. Fresh and piping hot. There's quite a variety of food for patrons to choose from too. And since it's a sit-down buffet, you can order anything from the menu many times over :D This is how my neighbour orders:

Lenglui: "I want everything but #4, #5 and #11....!" *waiter frantically jots down*

See?! This is how you should order your food :D :D :D

Aside from the menu items, patrons can also pick a variety of other side dishes from the buffet line. Cold dishes, desserts and hot stew form the buffet line in the restaurant. There's also Peking duck!!!! Yumyumyum!!!

We love their turnip and carrot soup, gives you a very warm fuzzy feeling. Their Peking duck was not bad too. I didn't get the chance to try some of their stew dishes because I was too full after all that dim sum!!! LOL!!!

Some of their nice tasting dim sums are:
Prawn dumpling (yumz!)
Siew mai (yumz!)
Custard bun (the custard also has salted egg yolk mixed inside :D)
Unagi stick (yumz!)
HK chee cheong fun (scallop and prawn yumz!)
Caramel custard (love the tinge of ginger!)
Fried lobak (yumz!)

Actually, most of their dim sum taste pretty good :P Only a few are on the "normal-nothing-to-shout-about" side. I think all in all, we probably had close to 40 plates of dim sum and other side dishes?! Yes when you're with a group of very hungry people, things can get overboard, WUAHAHAHAHA!!! I think didn't take pictures of every single dish, some of them disappeared into hungry tummies before I could take them :P

Caramel custard with a tinge of ginger :P Nice appetizer!

One of the cold dishes: prawn with mango salad. There's also idako (baby octopus).

Round 1 of dim sum feast.

Round 2 of dim sum feast.

Peking duck.

Everyone's favourite: Custard bun!

Turnip and carrot soup.

A Chinese classical musician on stage, belting chinese songs.

Christmas decorations in Sunway Pyramid.

After such a heavy meal, we had to take a stroll in the shopping mall (carbo overload).

Friday, November 21, 2008

Random Conversation

F1: "... bla bla bla bla bla... ghost don't give me number..." *sepak ghost's head*

Oli: "How to shoot or stab it? Ghost oredi dead..."

F1: "I flash it... muahahahahaha"

Oli: "Flash your kkc?! Ahahahahahaha..."

Oli: ghost: "wooooOOOOOooo~~~"
fatty: "oh shit! kenot shoot or stab!" *flash kkc*
ghost: O.O... O.o.... AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!

F1: "Hahahahahaha... be scared of my worm..."

Oli: Or it could be...
ghost: "wooooOOOOOooo~~~"
fatty: "oh shit! kenot shoot or stab!" *flash kkc*
ghost: O.O... O.o.... so small geh?!

Oli: "I better run away now"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Look Out Point, Ampang

A couple of close neighbours had made arrangements to go to Look Out Point, Ampang for dinner. Little did I know... hubby was in the plan as well. It was to be a simple dinner-cum-birthday celebration for me :) I think my reaction must have been really odd at that moment, when the restaurant played that JJ-sounding birthday song LOL!!! Never the less, I thank my hubby and my good neighbours for planning the event.

The view is pretty nice up there, especially on a clear day. KL city lights look really good from up there. The Twin Towers look magnificent as well, 2 brightly lit jagungs~~~

Scores of people go to Look Out Point, I reckon. That day was my first time there with hubby. Food was passable, but you really go there for the view. We had dinner at Gasoline cafe, which was really crowded and noisy. After dinner, we headed for another cafe just a few feet away for after-dinner drinks (mamak style). It's nice to just sit back and relax, and feel the breeze. Oh, and poke fun at each other :P

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Mental Note To Myself
Things always happen for a reason. Even if most of the time, you won't really fully understand what the reason might be.

Count what you currently have. Don't harbour on what you don't have.

Comparisons and judgments only make you bitter. Leave everything aside and live life happy.

You have things others do not have. Others may also have things you do not have.

You're healthy. That's the most important part of life.

You decide on your own happiness.

Ignore imbeciles that make stupid comments, for they do not understand and never will.

I learnt this line from a Japanese drama:
Count on what you have. Don't count what you don't have. Find that you have so much.

Remember that, Oli :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Moving On
Oli & hubby would like to thank all her good friends and family members who've given her strength and support through this hard times. We appreciate all your love and support, thank you very much. Things have been hard for us both, and we're very grateful to be surrounded by you guys at such difficult times.

Oli's emotional chart is still fluctuating (she can be ok one day, and very down the next). The only request she has is: Do not give her sympathy. And if you have nothing nice or encouraging to say, keep it to yourselves. Oli can't stop you from making whatever speculations or perceptions you want, just don't let her hear it.

Rest assured, Oli will take very good care of herself. Thank you all once again. We love you guys~! *hugs*

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How Do You...
How do you deal with the pain?
A pain so deep, it cuts you deeper each time you think about it.

How do you deal with the memories?
Memories which were seemingly good, but went bad in an instant.

How do you deal with the hope?
Which was in front of you, but was taken away swiftly?

How do you deal with the agony?
When all that you didn't want to hear, became a fact.

How do you deal with the disappointment?
When all the signs have been positive, and everything came crashing down on you.

How do you deal with the sadness?
As it engulfs you entirely from head to toe.

How do you deal with fate?
When it dealt you with with a blow, not long after you've gotten over one.

How do you deal with the pain?

How do you deal with the memories?

How do you?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Decision
Results are out.

The figures have plummeted.

You've given a very clear sign.

And we've accepted it.

We'll bid you farewell come Monday morning.