Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 In A Nutshell
It's that time of the year again, isn't it? We all look back, round up all the events that occurred in 2008, sift through the many positive and negative elements, and look forward to another year (hopefully better!). Here's mine in a nutshell...

1) The company I'm employed with moved to its spanking new office in Bdr Utama, PJ. More space for everyone :) Some old faces left the company, but some new faces were also welcomed.

2) Played my role as a Malaysian citizen during the 8th General Election, March 2008. Got myself registered as a voter a few months back, and placed my vote in the ballot box. The election saw the coalition shrinking (padan!), and the Opposition having a much stronger voice in Parliament. I think most people voted for the Opposition not because they were rooting for the Opposition. More like, the rakyat wanted to give a tight slap to the ruling coalition, for the many years of arrogance and detrimental selfishness. And yet, they haven't seem to learn much from the shocking episode. Perhaps us rakyat have to make a clean sweep, and simply sapu all the useless politicians out of Parliament. Tak guna.

3) Witnessed many births of babies amongst my friends. New mummies and daddies in the Year of the Rat (squeek!). Little rodents... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

4) Flew to KK for a short getaway with hubby. A very good trip, and I hope we'll make our way back there again soon. This time I hope we can stay in one of the mountain lodges, hehe!

5) Went through 2 miscarriages this year, and yes it's been pretty rough on our end, particularly for me. Quite a test on the mental and emotional side, something I hope my friends do not have to go through. The cause has been determined, and I went through the treatment already. We're taking a break from all this baby making hoohaa, not worth the pain. Some things happen for a reason lah. Probably nature's way of telling us, this ain't a good time for the little one to come. Gives us an opportunity to shift our plans elsewhere.

6) The economic downturn is everywhere, and I believe every sector is affected one way or another. We're not so badly affected, as we've always been quite prudent with our spending. We're still able to afford the little luxuries in life (i.e: eating out once a while). As for the company I'm attached with, some cost cutting measures were announced (no bonuses, no increments lor).

7) One of our biggest loan agreement is fully paid up, which makes life even easier for us now that we will have extra savings on our end. Comes in a good time too, considering the instability in the economy these days. With the extra income, 2009 will be a year for us to do some research and possibly, find ways to increase our passive income.

8) My Sr Art Director has been making the entire creative team do assignments related to our work, our role and responsibility. To some people, it might be a drag, but if you see it in a positive light, the said assignments actually push us to further improve our skills and knowledge. He is the first person in my entire working life, to do such a thing to help the team go further. The encouragement is of course, good for all of us.

9) We sold our 6-year old Kelisa, and got ourselves a Myvi 1.3 in Mocha Silver. Our Kelisa went to my mum, for her 12-year old Wira got stolen from the Kelana Jaya LRT car park last Christmas. We could've gotten a bigger car (i.e: Honda City, Toyota Vios etc), but after much calculations, we figured we'll get the Myvi first lah.

10) Oh, Malaysia also saw an explosion of blogs in the blogsphere. Ever since the General Election, a lot of the monkeys who were voted in to sit in the big building are setting up their own blogs. I guess the blog can also work as another channel for them to call each other monkeys. Tak guna.

11) Deadly landslides with claimed innocent lives. Fingers are constantly pointing to one another. But that's not going to bring the lives back. Politicians can go on and on, but we all know Malaysian politicians won't grow up. Tak guna.

12) Our fuel prices went soaring up to 41% in June 2008. A mad rush of traffic in just about every petrol station available in the country! And you know when petrol prices go up, raw materials, transportation cost etc will all go sky rocketing too. Since then, petrol prices have been decreasing rapidly, but raw materials and consumer goods remain high.

Here's to a good year ahead of us. Happy 2009 :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fiddling With The New Blogger
Bear with me for a while. I'm still tweaking the new layout. Very versatile, but I may not have the space to put my Nuffnang ad... hmmm...~~

I was previously using Haloscan, but have reverted to Blogger's own commenting system. Which would mean all previous comments will be lost (but I do have some backed up).

Yalah, I know lah, backside itchy ma. New year, new blog template ma. Besides, I'm on medical leave today, recovering from a fever. The previous template I was using was almost 3 years old. Time for a refreshing change :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Darn cough...!

I caught the sore throat flu bug from a sick colleague... Who stubbornly refused to take medical leave, preferring to come to work, cough and wheeze all over the place and spread the germs. Yes, please curse him kau-kau for me also!!! He eventually took medical leave, but not before spreading the virus all over the office space! Cibai-kia....!

Sore throat's gone, but I'm coughing now *hack hack hack* and the usual Chinese sinseh I go to for cough remedy doesn't work on Sundays . So I have to tahan until tomorrow, hopefully he'll be in!

When it comes to curing my cough, no Western doctor can help me. Nosiree~~ It's a tried and tested method, and hell it has no effect on me what so ever. Not only does Western cough mixture doesn't work, it makes matters worse for me XP So far, this Chinese sinseh in SS 2 can really cure my cough, and usually it takes 2 bottles of Chinese liquid herbal cough mixture to fix the problem.

Poster from

Oh, hubby and I also caught the movie, Ip Man. Actually it's Yip Mun laaaa, stupid people dunno how to properly translate the grandmaster's name. Grandmaster Ip Man, master of the martial arts style, Wing Chun. The movie is set during the 1930s, when Canton was flourishing and Foshan was home to the grandmaster and his family (also the same place Wong Fei Hung was from). Go catch the movie, the choreography of martial art is fantastic! Donnie Yen was superb in playing the role of Grandmaster Ip Man. And his really kicks some bad-ass!!! Oh, just in case you don't know, Grandmaster Ip Man is also the sifu of the very celebrated and dearly remembered man, founder of Jeet Kune Do; Bruce Lee Xiao Loong.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas 2008

This year, we played the Guardian Angel/Mortal game again. This year, we also played Dirty Santa again. And we had Christmas dinner @ 7atenine, KL.

This year, I gave my mortal booze, booze, and more booze! So much so, he wrote me an email thanking me for turning him into an alcoholic!

(A tribute to my evil but wonderful GA, sung to the tune of "Twelve Days of Christmas")

On the first day my won-derful GA sent to me,
A bottle of Hoegaarden beer.

On the second day my won-derful GA sent to me,
A bottle of Bud,
And a bottle of Hoegaarden beer.

On the third day my won-derful GA sent to me,
Carlsberg Special Brew,
A bottle of Bud,
And a bottle of Hoegaarden beer.

On the fourth day my won-derful GA sent to me,
Carlsberg Original,
Carlsberg Gold,
Carlsberg Special Brew,
A bottle of Bud,
And a bottle of Hoegaarden beer.

Thank you, thank you! *Hic*

And now I have a few more male colleagues wishing I was their Guardian Angel as well, MUAHAHAHAhAhAhAHA!!!!

I'm evil, yes :P

Merry Christmas everyone. And happy holidays!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

We're On Streamyx!
Heaven forbid... LOL! Sigh~

This is how the story goes... We previously engaged another ISP (internet service provider, if you don't already know), Bizsurf for close to 2 years. The reason we went with them was because we didn't have to apply for a phone line, unlike Streamyx which requires you to apply for a phone line. Plus we weren't keen on Streamyx la! HAHA!

And then Bizsurf changed it's name to Y-Max (they're under YTL e-Solutions Bhd) after they managed to acquire one of the WiMax licence from the government. Should be doing quite ok lah, right?

One fine day in the month of November, Y-Max sent us a snail mail, stating they were terminating their broandband facilities in 30 days time...


They even suggested an alternative ISP, Airzed. But fwak! It's still under the same parent company and fwaking expensive!!! So we had to search for other alternative ISP providers lor. After doing our research, it looked like Streamyx Combo was the best option for us *sigh*. A much as we wanted to avoid going with the monopoly giant, we were left with little/no choice LOL!

So now we have a phone at home, collecting dust~~~ Wuakakakakakaka!!! Oklah, it's acting as our backup line lah :P

Monday, December 15, 2008

Why Geh?
Being human has a lot a pros and cons. One of the cons is that we would constantly bombard ourselves with questions like "Why?".

I don't know why we stress ourselves out the way we all do sometimes. It's a human thing, and all of us are guilty of it. I think it's because of the human's in-born competitiveness that drives us to constantly compare. Pathetic, kan?

It's just really weird lah, how we stress ourselves out. How we keep asking questions like "Why?". How we hurt ourselves emotionally and mentally. How we harbour on the lack of things. Even though a lot of times, we know there are no answers to our questions. Things just... happen...

Why is this...
Why is that...
Why this person...
Why that person...
Why can't this...
What can't that...
Pening betul, kan?

Things are always easier said than done. Sure it's easy to give advice, or for people to give you advice. Look at the bright side of things mah. It's much easier to talk. Putting it into practice is a whole other matter. The hurdles can be quite difficult at times. It takes time.

The year 2008 has been both good and sad for us. For me particularly, it has been one emotional roller coaster ride after another (darn fluctuating hormones, feels like the stock exchange!). Happy events, painful events, whatever they may be, they're shaping me constantly. I'm learning to not hurt myself even more. I'm learning to decide what makes me happy. I'm learning to tune the bad out, and accept the good. I'm learning not to harbour on what I don't have. I'm learning to count my blessings. I'm learning to stop asking "Why?" and instead say "I still have this...".

But one thing for sure, I will try to make it a point to be a better person today than I was yesterday :)

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called "present".

Friday, December 12, 2008



Apa ni?!


As long as it doesn't kill or weaken or damage me!!!!


Monday, December 8, 2008

Racial Unity Via Education?
Recently, a minister made headlines again by proposing that vernacular school system be scrapped, and that the practice of one school system be practiced in this multi-racial country. The minister also added that his proposal was a means to enhance racial unity, and that even with a one school system, students can still opt to study other their mother tongue or other languages.

Of course, after his statements were released, many quarters fired him nicely for even making such proposals. Some even accused him of carrying his father's plans into the new generation, which is not surprising. Before I give my take on the proposal, let me share with you a story from my high school days.

I received my education from a typical sekolah kebangsaan. My classmates consist of Malay and non-Malay students, a pretty good balance. Everyone got along with each other very well too. We could crack jokes and poke fun at each other. We respected each other's practice and culture, and sometimes even inquire more about each others culture for a better understanding.

In my class, there was this pair of twin Malay girls, quite popular in school because they're in the cheerleading squad and also because they're twins (pretty wealthy too). On their good days, they're friendly and approachable. On their cocky days, they're very very arrogant and snub non-Malays. They will feel very high and mighty, and feel that they, being the Bumiputeras of this country, own this land and that all other races are inferior beings. I'm not kidding you here, this are actual facts from my school days. This was pure Malay supremacy, ketuanan melayu in the making.

Their actions would irk a lot of us non-Malay students, and even irk other Malay students. This was pure Malay supremacy, ketuanan melayu in the making. The twins wouldn't talk to non-Malay students, choosing to only mingle with their Malay friends. They would really look down on us non-Malays.

So, to pose a question to the minister and his proposal. How is it, that by having a one school system, a sekolah kebangsaan system, could eliminate any race-based practices? Already race-based differences exist in your sekolah kebangsaan, as proven in my school days. Can you guarantee that your proposal will bring about racial unity? Can you guarantee that the practice of Malay supremacy will cease? Because judging by the many happenings in schools and universities now, a lot of Malays believe that because they're Malays, other races are inferior. I'm sure you're well aware of what happened in a local Uni recently, where a group of non-Malays were bullied in the cafetaria by a group of young Malays.

Some of the country's Malay citizens still practice ketuanan melayu, and they're not going to just let go. They're already been brought up to believe that they are the Tuans of this land. Can your proposal eliminate such thoughts?

This post is merely my thoughts, and is in no way offensive to anyone. If you get mad, take a hike because obviously, you got the wrong message.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

DucKing @ Jaya One

Hubby and I paid a 2nd visit to Jaya One and tried out another family restaurant, DucKing Restaurant. This restaurant serves a wide variety of Hong Kong style rice and noodle dishes, not to mention porridge, dim sum and varies duck and pork dishes too. It was pretty packed when we went during lunch time on a weekend. Goes to show DucKing Restaurant is quite popular among the PJ crowd.

DucKing Restaurants menu.

DucKing Restaurant is located at the centre of Jaya One, I think the area is called Palm Square. Their prices are a little on the high side, with a plate of noodles started from RM 8.80. They also serve more expensive dishes like Peking Duck, Roasted Piglet (which you have to order in advance I think), Shanghainese Roasted Duck and a few other specialties.

Roasted pork (so-so aje).

We decided to order 2 types of noodles dishes, a plate of roasted pork (siew yuk) and a rack of dim sum (siew mai). I tried their Hong Kong Noodle Combination Ala 'Duck King', while hubby tried their Cantonese Fried Noodles (wan tan hor). The roasted pork came first, and the taste was pretty alright, nothing to really shout about. Our noodles followed next, and I must say, my noodle dish was pretty interesting.

Hong Kong Noodle Combination Ala 'Duck King' comes with 3 variants of meat.

The noodles portion was pretty large (for me anyway), and was served with a mixture of roasted pork, stewed pork and roasted duck. Also to note, I ordered my noodles to be 'dry' (korn lou). Instead of being the usual noodles mixed with dark soy sauce like you would normally get, DucKing's dry noodles is on the clear side, no usage of dark soy sauce. The noodles are in fact, accompanied by a clear tasty broth. It might be a little bland for some, but this is Hong Kong style noodles :) The noodles come with a small bowl of soup as well.

DucKing's wan tan hor, yummy~~~

Hubby's 'wan tan hor' was quite flavourful, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. The noodles were smooth and the egg gravy was just right. I thought the serving size was pretty big too, which makes hubby even happier :D Then came our dim sum, steamed 'siew mai' with mushrooms. The dim sum is very fresh, and the flavour was just right :D

Steamed siew mai with mushrooms, piping hot!

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch there, albeit their pricing being a tad on the high side. I reckon it's a good place for families to come have lunch over the weekend, as we saw a lot of people having lunch with family members and children mingling about.