Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Now Everyone Can Fly On Delayed Flights
AirAsia should really change their tagline from "Now Everyone Can Fly" to "Now Everyone Can Fly On Delayed Flights". 4 of us were waiting at Kota Bharu airport, waiting to board our 2040hrs flight back to KL. Less than an hour to our flight departure, hubby received an SMS from AirAsia, stating that our flight has been re-timed to 2350hrs due to technical issues. Fark!!!

A group of people had gathered at the AirAsia counter on the ground floor, some demanding for an explanation for the sudden flight delay (note that AirAsia used the term "re-timed" instead of "delayed"). There were many frustrated people to say the least. The AirAsia people manning the counter of course kena gasak kau-kau from the customers lah. I asked if the officer could reschedule the 4 of us to be placed on the earlier flight out (2253hrs) instead. He said no, because even that flight was delayed and he can't confirm when the plane would arrive in KB! $#@%

The good thing out of the delay was that each of us would get a refund of RM 200 in voucher, to be used for the next flight with AirAsia. The bad news was that we had to wait close to 4 hours to reach home. And after 4 full days of island retreat, you do get pretty tired LOL.

By 2300 hrs, a huge number of people had gathered inside the departure terminal, many of whom were pretty pissed with AirAsia already. Both planes were late. Then we saw that our flight was again "re-timed" to 0010 hrs. FARK!!! Tensions were building up, there were a lot of very angry people around. Some tourists had already missed their connecting flight too.

AirAsia personnels were not exactly in the best of experience to handle the massively large angry crowd either. The attendant was making some announcement, but it only made people even more confused. Angry words were heard from all over the place. When the gates opened, people started to shuffle in one by one, many cursing under their breathe.

Once on the plane, everyone settled down and we took off from the runway at 0030 hrs. Hubby asked if there was any form of beverages for AirAsia customers as a form of service, which was only appropriate for causing so many people to wait such long hours for their flight. The AirAsia flight attendant cheekily replied "Sorry sir, we don't have those. But you can suggest that to Tony" and giggled.

When we landed in LCCT, only one door was opened for everyone to disembark from the plane. The female flight attendant didn't dare show her face at the door to greet us good night/thank you for flying with us, fearing people would curse and yell at her I s'pose. Once outside the terminal, we got ourselves a budget taxi. The taxi driver was telling us that since 2pm, all AirAsia flights have been delayed, for some unknown reason.

I've also noticed that AirAsia's "On Time Performance" has dropped below the 90-mark. Buck up, AirAsia. No doubt you're a no-frills airline, but that doesn't mean you can suka-suka delay and take your customers for granted. Your flight tickets may be cheap, but your competition is coming on very strong these days. In fact, because of your no-frills policy, sometimes you cost even more when you add up all the small amounts.


I also have the same experience when I'm back from Bali. The flight delay by 1 hour plus......

hwan: 1hr plus no RM200 voucher. only if flight delay more than 2hrs, then u'r entitled to the voucher. damn sien ok if flight delay.

my experience with AA, PG to KL to Macau.

PG to KL delayed early morning, will miss the KL to Macau flight. last minute switched to MAS, paid extra. cursed like hell.

#1. Wasted extra money on MAS from PG to KL.

Reached KL, then only get to know KL to Macau flight delayed also, triple cursed like hell.

#2. If both are delayed are known in the first place, no need to change to MAS, in order to catch the connecting flight.

#3. Wasted time on the delay, sit in LCCT like an idiot.

Lesson learnt: Never trust AA for connecting flight.

calvin: sorry to hear about ur bad experience.