Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Air Asia's On-Time Guarantee: A Reply
I sent a lengthy email to Tony Fernandez, in regards to their on-time guarantee policy and about our flight delay from Kota Bharu a couple of weeks back. Guess what? We got a reply from tony@tonyfernandesblog.com, and whoever sitting at the other end of the desk said another person will revert back to us. That other person, whose name I will not disclose here (yet), as also CC-ed in the reply. Let's just call this person Suki.

So after 2 days, Suki sent an email to us via Blackberry, thanking us for the booking info, and said they will assist on this issue. The very next day, Suki really did call hubby up regarding this matter, and guess what their reply was...?

Suki said the delay was due to bad weather, hence we're not entitled to the RM 200 voucher because bad weather is not covered in their policy.


Hubby emailed back to this Suki, asking if there was any proof that bad weather was the real case for the delay. AirAsia is obviously trying to squirm its way out of this way. It took them a span of 1 weeks to get back to us with a reply of some sort, and we probably wouldn't get any reply had we had sent via the AirAsia feedback form (all your comments probably goes to some black hole somewhere, so don't bother trying).

I'm kinda dissed with the way AirAsia managed the entire issue.
1) Flight was delayed twice, but the ground crew in Kota Bharu assured everyone that inquired we'll be entitled to the RM 200 voucher.
2) According to AirAsia's on time guarantee policy, they will contact the affected passangers regarding the voucher within 3 working days.
3) After 3 working days, no reply at all (not even a fart).
4) I had to bombard Tony's email instead with a lengthy email, which got us a one-liner reply, and the matter was taichi-ed to Suki.
5) Suki calls hubby and taichis the flight delay to bad weather (or some might say, God's will).

Tsk! Some airline AirAsia is turning out to be. I've never had any real issues with AirAsia before. We've had experienced flight delays (30 minutes to an hour), but with their on time guarantee policy, you reckon they would improve a bit on their timing. 4 hours is a long time, moreover 2 delays on the same flight was a little too much for some. And to add salt to injury, the way AirAsia is treating this issue, I think they're hoping everyone will just rant it out somewhere, than forget about everything and they get away with it (and possibly, repeat the same thing on other flights).

I would like to know, just how many of you out there, have been through the crap AirAsia gives out to its passengers? I can also hear some of you saying, "Hey Oli, it's a no-frills flight. You get what you paid for, so shut the fuck up lah!". Or maybe even "Don't waste your time leh, they don't care wan."

AirAsia should change their tagline: Delayed flights, but we don't care!


my flight from KK to KL was delayed like 3 flights in 2005. I was thinking that it could be they wanted 1 aircraft to ship all passengers of 3 flights so they can save cost of 2 flights. They did not give us anything and we are just left in the waiting area.

I had 1 flight from MAS (Manila to KL) delayed like 6 hours. They however did gave us some light refreshments(drinks and sandwich).

kevin: we had dat thot while in KB too. maybe AA wanted to save cost and combine 2 flights together. But after a while, the number of passengers was way too many for one air craft to carry.